Camping is for Trailblazers!

Camping provides a great leadership experience, allowing girls to explore, have fun, and learn about and appreciate nature as they build self-confidence, develop new skills, and collaborate in a supportive community of sister Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas provides a choice of camping experiences, each offering an array of programs and activities appealing to girls’ interests and needs – all under the guidance of caring, trained adult counselors.

Resident Camp

Girls can sign up as individual campers or with a buddy to stay overnight or three days at an established Girl Scout Camp and participate in planned activities that take advantage of the resources the campsite. Girls learn to challenge themselves, become self-reliant, and work with girls from different places and varied backgrounds.

Day and Twilight Camps

Perfect for first-time campers, day and twilight camps are provided at sites throughout our jurisdiction for girls in grades K-12 by Girl Scout volunteers. Girls may sign up as individual campers, or with a buddy, and are placed in units based on their Girl Scout program grade level (Girl Scout Brownie, Girl Scout Junior, etc.). Trained camp volunteers are assigned to each unit to help girls experience varied outdoor programs.

Girl Scout Troop/Group Camp

Girl Scout Troops and groups look forward to a shared camping experience, typically over 24 or more consecutive hours, which is planned and carried out by a group of girls and their Girl Scout Troop Leaders.

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