Trained Resident Camp Staff

Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas resident camps are staffed by teams of qualified, trained individuals who serve as Camp Directors, Waterfront and Program Activities Leaders, Unit Counselors and other positions needed to ensure the delivery of a quality camp leadership experience.

Only adults, age 18 or older, may directly supervise campers and all applicants must complete a written application with three character/skill references attached. All references are checked, a personal interview with the Outdoor Education Manager is conducted, and applicants undergo criminal background checks.

Camp staff complete Pre-Camp Training, which includes safety drills, first aid, CPR training, emergency care, and evacuation plans. Periodic emergency drills are also performed throughout the camp season. In addition, supervisors regularly monitor the performance of seasonal camp staff members.

More questions?
Please email or call Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas headquarters at 972-349-2400 or 1-800-442-2260.

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