GSNETX has many publications available to help guide and enhance your Girl Scout Leadership Experience.
What Is It? What's Inside Why Should I Read It?
Adult Recognition System Guide Information about the awards that may be presented to adult Girl Scouts. You may qualify for your Years of Service Pin. You may want to nominate your Troop Leader or Cookie Manager for an award.
Safety Activity Checkpoints Safety Activity Checkpoints discuss steps to take in advance of a variety of activities. Gear to use, safety considerations, and girl to adult ratios are covered. Getting outside of the regular meeting place and getting your girls involved in adventure, activities, and travel will keep them engaged year after year. Activity Approval is contingent upon consulting the Safety Activity Checkpoints and meeting the requirements.
Service Unit Update Information, events & news for all leaders from different departments inside of GSNETX. Stay in the know when something new comes out or something changes.
SU Registrar Guide Information about the details of Girl Scout membership registration for the volunteer carrying out the role of the SU Registrar. For information every SU Registrar needs to know to assist other volunteers in membership registration.
Troop Volunteer Guide to eBiz Information about using eBiz, the online access system to Girl Scout membership data. For information every GS Troop Leader needs to manage the GS membership data for the troops they work with.
Volunteer Essentials Information about Girl Scouts as a movement and a tradition, discussion about the GSLE and journeys. Information about healthy development in girls, how to keep girls safe, information on taking trips and hosting events, and how to help girls manage group finances, including details on Girl Scout Cookie sales. This is a reference manual for the new leader about your role and responsibilities.
Volunteer Policies & Procedures Governing document covering many aspects of troop leadership, including what you can and cannot do with the girls, transportation, camping, finances and more. This is a reference manual for the new leader about your role and responsibilities
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