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Troop Management and Responsibilities

Today’s girls face challenges those before them never encountered. The role a Girl Scout Troop Leader plays is one of confidant, adviser and role model. Studies show that 23% of girls have fewer than three (3) adults they can go to if they need help. Girl Scout Troop Leaders, Co-Leader, Assistant Leader or Advisor play a vital role in constructing a healthy and positive image of the possibilities that may lie ahead for today’s girl.

As a Girl Scout Troop Leader, Co-Leader, Assistant Leader or Advisor, you play an integral part in helping every girl strive for courage and confidence, and instill in them the character they need to make the world a better place.

Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas is very appreciative of the time and talent each adult volunteer shares with Girl Scouts throughout the year. This section of GSNETX website provides you with resources that can help you throughout the Girl Scout Membership Year. Below are twelve (12) quick tips to get you on your way!
  1. Know how to access Volunteer Essentials and the Safety Activity Checkpoints, and consult them for activities you plan to do.
  2. Encourage the girls to partner with you — girls should be growing in decision-making and planning skills. The more invested they become in their activities, the happier they — and you — will be.
  3. Use the Parent/Guardian Permission Forms for activities when they take place outside the regular meeting place and time, involve travel, focus on sensitive or controversial topics, or involve money-earning.
  4. Turn in the Low Risk Activity Approval form for activities when they involve travel, focus on sensitive or controversial topics, or involve money-earning.
  5. Keep a First Aid Kit available during Girl Scout Troop activities. Putting together a First Aid Kit is a good Girl Scout Troop activity for the girls when linked to first aid and safety.
  6. See Volunteer Essentials Chapter 4 for the correct number of adults needed for Girl Scout activities.
  7. Maintain a Girl Scout Troop bank account that includes the name "Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, Troop # _____." Girl Scout Troop funds are NOT to be kept in Girl Scout Troop adults' personal or business bank accounts. Authorization to open a Girl Scout bank account should be obtained from the council before opening an account; use the Bank Authorization form. At least two (2) signatures (who are not related) should be on the account.
  8. Use the Medium-High Risk Activity Approval form for activities involving:
    1. Overnight stays of 3 nights or more
    2. This activity requires a signed contract
    3. This activity includes travel outside of council geography (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and/or Louisiana)
    4. This activity requires specific certified instruction not at council sites
  9. Bring a currently Certified Adult First Aider for any activities that have potential hazards. Consult the Safety Activity Checkpoints to learn when this is required. Note: This person does not have to be the Girl Scout Troop Leader.
  10. Bring an adult who has had the Troop Camping Certification course within the last three (3) years on any Girl Scout Troop overnight campouts, on any site.
  11. Transport Girl Scouts safely by making sure that private passenger vehicles are properly registered, insured and operated by adults with a valid driver’s license. Seatbelts must be worn. See Volunteer Essentials and the section on "Transporting Girls" before traveling away from your meeting place.
  12. Adult volunteers should register for council courses through eBiz for each council course an adult wants to take.
  13. Enlist family support as the Girl Scout Troop is being organized/registered. A family meeting or other communication with family adults is vital to a good partnership between Girl Scout Leaders and parents/guardians.
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