Uniforms and Badge Placement

The GSUSA National Board updated the Girl Scout uniform policy in October 2008 to reflect the changing needs of our members and transformation of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Girl Scouts at each level have one required element (Tunic, Sash or Vest) for the display of official pins and awards which will be worn when girls participate in ceremonies or officially represent the Girl Scout Movement.

Questions have been swirling about the "new badges" - what is staying, what is going, when is it all this happening, and how can we learn more? Badges are not going away. The badge program is being redesigned for a launch at the beginning of our 100th Anniversary Year. In addition to the badge books, you may want to review the entire selection of badges electronically.

For Girl Scouts in grades K - 8, the unifying look includes wearing a choice of a tunic, vest, or sash for displaying official pins and awards, combined with their own solid white shirts and khaki pants or skirts. However, please note that Girl Scout Daisies and Brownies will continue to have a full uniform ensemble available.

Girl Scouts in high school can wear a scarf in addition to their grade level vest or sash that unites their look with the sisterhood of Girl Scouts around the world - WAGGGS.

For adult Girl Scouts, the unifying look of the uniform is a Girl Scout official scarf or tie for men, worn with the official membership pins, combined with their own navy blue business attire.

Girl Scout badges, patches, awards, and other insignia should be presented, worn, or displayed only after Girl Scouts have completed the requirements outlined in the appropriate program materials.

Are you unsure of where to put the Girl Scout recognitions on your sash, vest, or tunic? Click on the links below to view the official placement diagrams from GSUSA:

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