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How To Structure A Meeting

Whether the Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors or Ambassadors you advise have opted for a "chill session" to chat about what is on their minds or whether you are one day away from your Girl Scout Brownie Troop’s first overnight camping trip, most meetings benefit by having some structure-and the following is a tried-and-true meeting plan that Girl Scouts have been perfecting for decades.

  • Pre-meeting: Ice-breakers or activities to help meet-and-greet time go smoothly.
  • Opening: Songs, readings, or ceremony ideas to transition into meeting.
  • Business: Attention-grabbing techniques for making announcements, collecting dues, planning trips, etc.
  • Activities: The primary purpose of the meeting-the activities from the Girl Scout resources or other sources.
  • Clean-up: Time to put away craft materials, sports equipment, science experiments, wash the pots and pans, and wind down.
  • Closing/Evaluation: Sharing goals, reminding of what’s ahead to look forward to, sharing a quick ceremony or song, and talking about next time.
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