What Does Public Relations Mean?

The actions of an organization in establishing and promoting a favorable relationship between itself and the public.

Public Relations Long-Term Objectives: 

  1. Position Girl Scouts as the leadership development organization for girls in northeast Texas.
  2. Raise public awareness of the importance of the all-girl environment provided in Girl Scouts, and the benefits that the program offers girls.

Why is Good Public Relations Important?

When people have a true image of the benefits of Girl Scouting, they become friends of the organization, and the Girl Scouts benefit. Girl Scout friends care about Girl Scouting and donate their time, talents and treasures to the organization. Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas need volunteers, sponsors, meeting places, community resources and United Way support in order to continue providing programs for girls. Therefore, it is important our Public Relations produce positive results.

Who is Responsible for Public Relations in our Council?

Everyone!  From the youngest Girl Scout Daisy to the Board Chair, we all help to create an image of Girl Scouting. Girl Scout Service Unit Public Relations Specialists (PR Specialist) help channel information and promote the Girl Scout program in their communities, but the overall image of Girl Scouting is up to all of us. REMEMBER: Actions speak louder than words! 

Perceptions  vs. The Reality We Want to Project
Caring   Passionate
Traditional   Timeless
Passive   Proud Spirited
Static   Exciting
Cookies and Camping   Leadership and Skill Building


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