Girl Scout Service Mark Guidelines

  • The Girl Scout service mark is composed of two parts, the profile (the Trefoil with three profiles) and the logotype (the words "Girl Scouts,"). The profile or commonly known as the Trefoil may be used indepdently of the mark. However, the text may only be used with the Trefoil. No registration mark is required.
  • If speaking to a Girl - Scout audience, then the service mark may be abbreviated to familiar initials. See examples below.
  • The service mark cannot be stretched, altered, redrawn or modified. The logotype must remain in the same proportion to the trefoil. Use of the symbol without the logotype and the use of the service mark as a design element is not permitted.
  • For print, the preferred color treatment for the Girl Scout service mark is Girl Scout green (PMS 355).The service mark can ONLY be printed in white, black or Girl Scout green.
  • For the Web, Girl Scout green, white or black is required. Please try to get as close as possible to the Pantone colors listed for print. Click here for more information about Girl Scout Website Guidelines.
  • The service mark may not be used as part of a design or be the subject of a wallpaper pattern. When using the service mark on a Website, it may not flash, blink, or change colors in any way; it may not be used as an icon or button, and it may not be animated.
  • The service mark is always placed on the left third of the page with at one "g" of clearance space around it to make it stand out prominently.

Recruitment Logos 2013
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Click below to download the various versions and guidelines you can use regarding the Girl Scout Service Mark
Colorways Example Colorways Example 2 GSNETX Brand Cheat Sheet
GSNETX Logo GS Short Logo Trefoil "profiles"

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