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Volunteer Recognitions & Nominations

It’s here! Go to www.gsnetx.org/awardnominations to nominate your outstanding volunteer now.
Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas (GSNETX) appreciates ALL of our volunteers and feel they all deserve to be recognized for their contributions. This can be accomplished through APPRECIATION and AWARDS. APPRECIATION is an ongoing, daily process for all volunteers. Showing appreciation for one another is one way to show respect, to relate to each other’s strengths, and to build mutual commitment for Girl Scouting. AWARDS are given for outstanding contributions that have made a significant impact on girls.
  GSSU ARS Level Council Level
Level of Influence
(Where was service
primarily given)
Direct Service to Girls GS Service Unit/Day & Twilight Camp Admin Staff Council Level Volunteers Community Awards/Other Awards
GS Troop Cookie Managers GS Troop Leaders, Assistant and Co-Leaders Short Term Volunteers
  GSNETX Inspiring the Girl Scout Leadership Experience Award
  GSNETX Trefoil Award GSNETX Juliette Low Award GSNETX Super Trooper Award GSUSA Volunteer of Excellence Award GSUSA Honor Pin Award Community Service Award
GSNETX Tagalong Award GSNETX Green Angel Award GSNETX Series Volunteer Award GSUSA Appreciation Pin Award GSNETX Spirit of Excellence Award Community Partner Award
GSNETX Thin Mint Award GSNETX Silver Rose Award GSNETX Summer Survivor Award GSNETX Trailblazer Award GSUSA Thanks Badge Service Unit President’s Award
GSNETX Samoa Award GSNETX Golden Wings Award Other Volunteer Appreciation Ideas GSNETX Emerald Star Award GSUSA Thanks Badge II Years of Service Award


The council’s award system is built around the guidelines established by GSUSA. Several factors weigh heavily in the award process and include:
  • Quality of accomplishment is the primary determining factor in awarding recognition.
  • Impact on girls is the leading measure of quality.
  • Different kinds of accomplishments must be considered: time, talent, as well as donations of resources.
  • Quality is not judged by length of service or number of other recognitions; it is ultimately a function of impact, direct or indirect, with girls.
  • Recognition is given to reinforce high expectations and encourage continual improvement. It is not a competition. Recognitions create a strategic advantage because they identify those who model the future. Recipient’s performance is part of what moves a council towards it goals.
  • Publicly honoring adults underscores Girl Scouting’s vitality in the community. It encourages greater involvement and support from other adults and organizations – all with the goal of building girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.
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