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First Aid / CPR Training Information

Many of the great troop activities that you will do require a First Aid/CPR certified Adult to be present. Whenever you plan an activity outside of the regular meeting place, you should first check the Safety Activity Checkpoints.
Why Require First Aid / CPR certification?
First aid courses cover a wide variety of accidents from scrapes and cuts to bruises, choking, and accidental poisoning.  First aid knowledge can turn a monumental accident into a small inconvenience. Loss of breathing is another situation that can lead to a need for CPR.  All important things to consider when assuming care for other people’s children.
GSNETX Scheduled Courses
For your convenience, GSNETX periodically schedules First Aid / CPR courses at various Service Centers in the Dallas metroplex. When available, these courses are led by an American Heart Association certified instructor. Click here for a list of available times and locations in e-Biz.
GSNETX policies recognize & accept credentials from only 7 approved First Aid/CPR instruction providers.
Please take the time to carefully review the information below to make sure that you are making an informed choice when selecting a training provider so that you spend your money and time wisely. (Please note - first aid/cpr online training does not satisfy Girl Scouts’ requirements because such training does not offer enough opportunities to practice and receive feedback on your technique.)

First Aid Provider Quick View

  1. American Heart Association (AHA)
      Course: Heartsaver First Aid CPR/AED     View certification cards
  2. American Red Cross (ARC)
      Course: First Aid/CPR/AED     View certification cards
  3. Medic First Aid (formerly EMP America)
      Course: Basic Plus V7.0 (G2010)     View certification cards
  4. National Safety Council (NSC)
      Course: NSC First Aid, CPR & AED     View certification cards
  5. Emergency Care & Safety Institute (ECSI & AAOS)
      Course: Standard First Aid, CPR & AED     View certification cards
  6. American Safety & Health Institute (AHSI)
      Course: G2010 Combo (CPR,AED,BFA)     View certification cards
  7. EMS Safety Services (EMS)
      Course: G2010 Combo (CPR,AED,BFA)     View certification cards

Helpful Answers to Your Questions:

Click on the first aid kits below to find helpful information and answers to your most frequently asked questions.
  Knowing the right questions to ask when booking an instructor can save you time and money
  Other Frequently Asked Questions
  10 More Reasons to take a First Aid / CPR Class
  What should go into a Troop First Aid Kit?
  A Crib sheet for the 7 First Aid Providers that can be downloaded & emailed to members of your Service Unit Team
If you would like to download a copy of the crib sheet, right click on the the link or image above and select the save option for the browser you're using (i.e. 'Save As', 'Save Target As').
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