The Equestrian Program

Procedures for Horseback Riding at Camp Bette Perot

Girl Scout Troop/groups camping during the school year have an option of horseback riding, for an additional fee. The EQ program is conducted under the supervision of the council’s certified equestrian director. The content of each EQ class is determined by the EQ director based on the ages and skill levels of the girls and weather conditions.

Preparing for EQ (before leaving home)
Girls and their safety are our priority when providing horseback riding at Camp Bette Perot, as evidenced in our safety regulations. Girls and the accompanying adult must wear LONG PANTS AND SHOES WITH A DEFINED HEEL. Girls without boots, or shoes with heels, can borrow boots at the EQ Center; and should arrive 10 minutes before their assigned riding time.

EQ Riding Schedule
  • Riding time slots will be distributed upon check in at camp site and are assigned according to the number of Girl Scout Troops and girls riding. Effort should be made to arrive at your scheduled time to allow for your full ride.
  • Riding slots will be assigned by the Equestrian Director. One adult may trail ride with the Girl Scout Troop at no charge during troop camping. Extra adults wishing to ride pay the $25 EQ fee, depending on availability of horses. Girls are given first priority for riding.
  • Take Health Histories for all girls participating in EQ to the equestrian center (to be kept by the Girl Scout Leader).
  • Equestrian helmets, provided at camp, are worn by all participants in the EQ program.
  • EQ volunteers will accompany girls on trail rides and in the arena.

Girl Scout Troop Riding
Girl Scout Troop riding time consists of a trail ride unless other arrangements are made.

Equestrian Badges
Please note that the new equestrian badges are progressive and are designed to be done in the order listed under each age level.

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