GSUSA Launches National Campaigns

GSUSA is launching a three-prong national media campaign focusing on the following 3 initiatives; Hispanic, Multicultural and Recruitment. 

In an effort to create awareness of Girl Scouts among Hispanic parents and generating an increased interest among the Hispanic community, the GSUSA Hispanic campaign launched the week of April 5, 2010 with over $10MM of donated national and local TV, radio and print advertising.

One of Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas' goals is to increase diversity and welcome GSUSAs efforts in this area. Additionally, GSNETX has created its own Hispanic Initiative plan to respond to this interest and includes the following efforts:

  • Launched a Hispanic Initiative recruitment effort for bilingual volunteers, to serve as ambassadors, tutors and mentors to support new Hispanic Girl Scout members

  • Developed a series of summer events to engage Hispanic families and experience Girl Scouts

  • Launched a Spanish website on GSNETX's current site -


Stay tuned for other updates on GSUSAs National Media Campaign.

Click here to see the Hispanic Campaign print ads

See below for the Hispanic Campaign TV commercial.

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