Girl Scout Gold Award

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award a Girl Scout can earn and recognizes the work of Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors who demonstrate leadership culminating in 80 hours or more dedicated towards leadership that has lasting effects in their community. Each girl chooses and thoroughly researches an issue she cares about, designs her action plan, builds community collaboration, and takes the lead in implementing her GS Gold Award project. Established in 1919, the Girl Scout Gold Award is recognized by a number of college-scholarship opportunities, and by an immediate rise one rank in U.S. military branches.

Below is a gallery of the Gold Award Honorees who completed projects between March 31, 2012 - April 1, 2013.

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Gold Award Honorees 2013

Jasmine Ahamad

First Night at Home Kits
Girl Scout Troop 321: Jasmine informed her community about proper pet care for cats and dogs. She assembled kits for new pet owners that included informational pamphlets and guides.

Jasmine will graduate from The Colony High School in 2014.

Ann Marie Anderson

1st Annual Pet Party & Adoptions by Collin County Animal Shelter & Community Appreciation Day
Girl Scout Troop 1260: Ann addressed the issue of pet adoption in Princeton, Texas. At her event, the community learned about animal adoption, pet care of animals, and much more.

Ann is a 2012 graduate of North Texas Academy.

Caroline Stone Arbour

A Night in Italy Cooking Camp and Game Day
Girl Scout Troop 1834: Caroline organized a day camp for families who have been affected by cancer. The camp consisted of the children making a nutritional Italian three course meal, decorating aprons, and fun-filled games.

Caroline will graduate from Ursuline Academy of Dallas in 2014.

Anase Sewuese Asom

End Bullying in Our Community
Girl Scout Troop 1342: Anase created a blog and a Public Service Announcement on the ramifications of bullying. By addressing the topic of bullying among middle school and high school students, she hopes a discussion among peers will occur.

Anase will graduate from The Hockaday School in 2013.

Sarah Bauer

Operation: Harmonization
Girl Scout Troop 2763: Sarah’s project focused on budget issues in elementary school music programs. She organized a camp where elementary students could cultivate their love for music, dance, and crafts.

Sarah will graduate from Coppell High School in 2013.

Meghan Bowen

1 Million 4 Anna – Spreading Awareness of Childhood Cancer
Girl Scout Troop 369: Meghan’s project focused on educating her community about childhood cancer. She started a club at her high school that informs students about this issue and asks club members to participate in service projects related to cancer.

Meghan will graduate from Ursuline Academy of Dallas in 2014.

Allison Brockette

Elementary Math Summer Day Camp at The Stewpot
Girl Scout Troop 438: Allison planned and implemented a day camp for first-through- fourth graders from the Saturday School, a branch of Stewpot ministries which serves homeless and impoverished people. Eighty students had the opportunity to learn basic math skills, time keeping, and money management.

Allison will graduate from Lake Highlands High School in 2014.

Linda Buehler

Paw and Claws
Girl Scout Troop 593: Linda’s project was aimed to address problems related to pet health and safety issues. For some pets, health issues include obesity, lack of dental care, poisoning from plants and human foods, and overpopulation. Linda hosted two adoption drives to shed light on these issues, as well as help many animals find a new permanent home.

Linda will graduate from TAG Magnet School in 2013.

Malintzin Camara

Arts and Crafts for Seniors
Girl Scout Troop 1834: Malintzin volunteered at The Forum at Park Lane, an assisted living center. She hosted an arts and craft class once a month for the residents.

Malintzin will graduate from Plano West Senior High School in 2014.

Sarah Chung

Bea’s Kids Summer Art Camp
Girl Scout Troop 1089: Sarah planned a week long art camp at Bea’s Kids, a Dallas-area tutoring center. The camp allowed children to participate in a professional art program that they may not have otherwise been exposed to.

Sarah will graduate from Plano West Senior High School in 2014.

Adrian Collins

Girls Will Be Girls
Girl Scout Troop 1121: Adrian has a passion for serving girls in her community. She hosted an event for the junior high school girls from Mary Immaculate School and discussed the importance of healthy relationships and friendships.

Adrian will graduate from Ursuline Academy of Dallas in 2014.

Michaela Xochitl Cortes

Save 1 for Colin
Girl Scout Troop 1536: Michaela created a video that addressed the dangers of speeding and street racing. Her goal is to make the roads a safer place and educate the public, especially teenagers, of the issue at hand.

Michaela will graduate from The Hockaday School in 2013.

Jennifer Cuaderes

Warm Wishes
Girl Scout Troop 2635: Jennifer led volunteers in making fringed fleece blankets for patients at Medical City Children’s Hospital. Attached to each blanket was a personal message saying, “May this blanket warm your heart for many days to come”.

Jennifer will graduate from Bishop Lynch High School in 2013.

Susannah Dibble

Operation Adoption
Girl Scout Troop 1089: Susannah addressed the issue of animal abuse and pet adoption. She educated her community by producing a video discussing the importance of these issues.

Susannah will graduate from Plano West Senior High in 2014.

Emma Donohoe

Fun with Technology/Technology for the Ages
Girl Scout Troop 369: Emma raised money to purchase a new iPad and Wii games for the residents at Dayspring Retirement Community. Emma wanted to introduce today’s technology to the residents and provide a fun way of learning.

Emma will graduate from Ursuline Academy of Dallas in 2014.

Adrienne Downey

A Little Library for The Family Place
Girl Scout Troop 3401: Adrienne assembled a library at The Family Place, the largest family violence service provider in the Dallas area. The Family Place now has more than 250 books that children can check-out or enjoy in the classroom.

Adrienne is a 2012 graduate of North Hills Preparatory.

Laura Evans

How Could You Say No To This Face?
Girl Scout Troop 2297: Laura raised awareness on four important pet issues: heartworm prevention, spraying/neutering, adoption, and foster care by hosting two events in her community. The events allowed the attendees to learn the importance of taking proper care of dogs and cats, as well as adoption and pet foster care.

Laura will graduate from Plano Senior High School in 2013.

Sierra Francis

1st Annual Collin County 4-H Special Needs Livestock Show
Girl Scout Juliette: Sierra put on a first-of- its-kind livestock show for special needs children in Collin County. The participants had the opportunity to show lambs and goats along with one volunteer on hand to help ensure their safety.

Sierra will graduate from McKinney Boyd High School in 2013.

Lauren Gariss

Adding Adoptions
Girl Scout Troop 225: Lauren collected and donated animal supplies to the Flower Mound and Highland Village Animal Services. She also spread awareness about animal adoption in her community.

Lauren will graduate from Marcus High School in 2013.

Michelle Hagan

Pillowcases for Patients
Girl Scout Troop 717: Michelle provided handmade pillowcases to stomach surgery patients at Baylor Hospital in Plano.

Michelle will graduate from Ursuline Academy of Dallas in 2013.

Cathryn Halverson

Renovation of Youth Room
Girl Scout Troop 3227: Cathryn painted, organized, and added more shelving and furniture to her church’s youth center. The renewed center can be enjoyed by her community for many years to come.

Cathryn is a 2012 graduate of J.J. Pearce High School.

Chole Hancock

Introduction to Grief Support: Journey of Hope 101
Girl Scout Troop 2297: Chole's project focused on supporting the Journey of Hope Grief Support Center. She hosted a seminar that educated individuals on grief topics and also volunteered at various activities and events.

Chole will graduate from Plano Senior High School in 2013.

Jenna Hanley

Water, Water, Everywhere!
Girl Scout Troop 1996: Jenna informed her community about the importance of staying hydrated during physical activity and extreme weather conditions by handing out water and informational fliers.

Jenna is a 2012 graduate of Rowlett High School.

Rebecca Harshman

Fun Day for Kids with Disabilities
Girl Scout Troop 2083: Rebecca hosted a fun-filled day of activities for children with disabilities. She modified games and activities so that all the participants could join the fun.

Rebecca will graduate from Lovejoy High School in 2013.

Leah Hart

Animal Supply Drive
Girl Scout Troop 1536: Leah recognized that due to city budget cuts, many of the local shelters lacked basic animal essentials such as food, leashes, collars, and towels. She held neighborhood drives, church drives, and a dog biscuit making class in order to help the Rockwall Animal Shelter.

Leah will graduate from Rockwall Heath High School 2013.

Julianne Hasting

Helping Hope Work
Girl Scout Troop 1665: Julianne saw the need to help create an organizational system for Hope’s Door, a domestic abuse shelter in Plano. She implemented a new software database and reporting system, organized supplies, and created a color-coded system.

Julianne will graduate from Greenhill School in 2013.

Callie Haworth

"Shake It Up, Plant It In, Eat It Up" Food Mission Project
Girl Scout Troop 379: Callie collected and donated bags of health products and nonperishable food items to Hope’s Door, a domestic abuse shelter in Plano, and the Stewpot, which serves homeless and impoverished people.

Callie will graduate from Plano Senior High School in 2014.

Alexandra Hayden

Asperger’s Learners
Girl Scout Troop 1536: Alexandra produced a video to help spread awareness and educate the public about Asperger’s Syndrome. By informing her community, Alexandra hopes children and adults with Asperger’s Syndrome will not be mislabeled or misunderstood.

Alexandra will graduate from Townview Center School in 2013.

Maria Elena Hayes

Room for Hope
Girl Scout Troop 481: Maria’s project focused on helping women in her community maintain hope and positive self-image during their cancer treatments. She established a supportive place where women can go and browse wigs, hats, and scarves.

Maria will graduate from Denison High School in 2013.

Katarina Hernandez

Restoring Calvary Hill Mosaics
Girl Scout Troop 2482: Katarina restored the Glorious Mysteries Mosaic at Calvary Hill Cemetery. Her great-uncle assisted in the creation of the original mosaic over 50 years ago, and she hopes the restoration will bring beauty to the area.

Katarina will graduate from John Horn High School in 2013.

Valerie Huynh

Girl Scout Troop 3308: Valerie tutored elementary students at Old Settler’s Park Recreation Center and also hosted an all-girl summer camp called “Glam Camp”. Valerie’s project addressed the issue of helping students who would not normally have access to these resources.

Valerie will graduate from Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science in 2014.

Amanda Hydrick

Playhouse Remodeling
Girl Scout Troop 2757: Amanda’s project helped the younger children at the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center. By providing toys, puzzles, and a place to play, Amanda hopes the children will feel less tense and anxious.

Amanda will graduate from J.J. Pearce High School in 2013.

Kay Ideker

Saint Vincent de Paul: Getting the Word Out
Girl Scout Troop 2635: Kay’s project consisted of three parts: making holiday stockings for children at Saint Vincent de Paul, educating the community on services provided by local food banks, and translating nutritional pamphlets into Spanish.

Kay will graduate from Bishop Lynch High School in 2013.

Stephanie Jasper

Linens, Detergents and Toiletries for the Needy
Girl Scout Troop 3964: Stephanie helped a local Housing and Urban Development community by donating linens, detergent, and toiletries to the residents. Other items donated to this community included blankets, clothing, and shoes.

Stephanie is a 2012 graduate of Newman Smith High School.

Stephanie N. Johnson

Community Beautification at Sacred Heart School
Girl Scout Juliette: Stephanie designed and built a landscaped bed at the entrance of Sacred Heart Catholic School. Her project focused on improving the appearance of the campus and creating an area that would benefit her community.

Stephanie will graduate from Sacred Heart Catholic School in 2013.

Taylor Johnson

Book Collection for Brother Bill’s Helping Hand
Girl Scout Troop 1825: Taylor collected new and used books to donate to Brother Bill’s Helping Hand, a foundation that aids the West Dallas population.

Taylor will graduate from Jasper High school in 2014.

Alanna Justman

Shoes for Champions
Girl Scout Troop 369: Alanna collected and donated more than 100 pairs of athletic shoes for underprivileged children in Africa. She distributed fliers and hosted a basketball clinic that inspired her classmates to donate.

Alanna will graduate from Ursuline Academy in 2014.

Laura Kenyon

Activity Book for Children’s
Girl Scout Troop 1816: Laura created activity books for the young patients at Children’s Hospital. Laura hopes that the books will keep the patients occupied and worry-free.

Laura will graduate from Plano Senior High School in 2013.

Alicia Isabel Kiattinat

Delaying School Start Times
Girl Scout Troop 23: Alicia Isabel educated teachers, parents, and the community on teenage sleep deprivation. She hopes that her project spreads awareness of the possibility of delaying school start times.

Alicia Isabel is a 2012 graduate of Carrollton Christian Academy.

Darby Lee

Prayer & Meditation Garden
Girl Scout Troop 1116: Darby created a garden in her community that people can utilize to relax, reflect, and enjoy nature.

Darby will graduate from Allen High School in 2015.

Ivy Lee Loper

Wetland Revival
Girl Scout Troop 1923: Ivy Lee revitalized aspects of the Buffalo Creek Wetlands. She refurbished four viewing areas, graveled a mile of trail, removed and replaced old signage, and picked up trash along Buffalo Creek Wetlands.

Ivy Lee will graduate from Ennis High School in 2014.

Katherine Lothrop

Fuel Your Body, Fuel your Mind
Girl Scout Troop 438: Katherine addressed the issue of childhood obesity in Dallas. She hosted healthy cooking demonstrations and provided bilingual recipe books to the patrons of a back-to-school and diversity fair.

She also created a website and donated recipe books to local organizations. Katherine will graduate from the School for the Talented and Gifted in 2014.

Jessica Martinez

Laptops of Love
Girl Scout Troop 369: Jessica traveled to Guatemala to set up a computer lab at the Little House of Refuge Orphanage. Jessica provided the orphanage with 12 computers, headsets, mice, chargers, educational software, printers, a wireless router, USB drives, and printer paper.

Jessica will graduate from Ursuline Academy of Dallas in 2014.

Meagan Elizabeth Massey

Breast Cancer Confidence
Girl Scout Troop 2403: Meagan produced a documentary that encourages and motivates breast cancer patients. The video is in memory of her Girl Scout troop leader, who died from cancer.

Meagan is a 2012 graduate of Rockwall High School.

Katy Mast

Education Fur Paws
Girl Scout Troop 9000: Katy educated her community about pet adoption, as well as the importance of spaying and neutering pets. She hosted workshops on these topics and also created an online video.

Katy will graduate from Kemp High School in 2013.

Haley McDaniel

Tigers in Texas: Awareness and care for Rescued Exotic Cats
Girl Scout Juliette: Haley addressed the issue of caring for rescued exotic cats that have been neglected or abused. Her primary focus was educating the public about the mission of In-Sync Exotics, a non-profit organization, and collecting donations of cleaning supplies.

Haley will graduate from Spring Creek Academy in 2014.

Mackenzie Merriam

Read Along
Girl Scout Troop 1665: Mackenzie recorded books onto CD’s and organized supply closets at Bea’s Kids, a Dallas-area tutoring center. She also created a new organizational system that benefits the volunteers and the children.

Mackenzie will graduate from Greenhill School in 2013.

Clarsia Renee Montes

Socks for Tots
Girl Scout Troop 1739: Clarsia decorated white tube socks in colorful and fun designs for the children at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital. The socks were used to replace slings, which can be a choking hazard for young children.

Clarsia will graduate from Richardson High School in 2014.

Sydney Morton

Healthy Happiness Bags :)
Girl Scout Troop 2592: Sydney assembled “Healthy Happiness Bags” for Minnie’s Food Pantry in Plano. She took Minnie’s existing program and added a coloring book, a small activity, and bilingual information on how to read and understand food nutrition labels.

Sydney will graduate from Plano West Senior High School in 2014.

Amber Omar

Reaching Out
Girl Scout Troop 574: Amber’s project focused on diversifying and expanding the National Bone Marrow Registry by educating her community about the need of bone marrow donors. She concentrated her efforts in high minority populations since there is a significant need for minority and biracial donors.

Amber will graduate from Coppell High School in 2014

Alycia Ovalle

Pentanque in the Park
Girl Scout Troop 1348: Alycia made it more enjoyable for people to play Pentanque, a French game similar to horseshoes. She provided a cement slab in a Farmers Branch park so that players and spectators can set up chairs to enjoy the game.

Alycia is a 2012 graduate of Coppell High School.

Briana Nicole Owens

Sensory Trail for Special Needs
Girl Scout Troop 477: Briana addressed the needs of students with Sensory Integration Disorder, a neurological disorder that results from the brain’s inability to integrate information received from the body’s five basic sensory systems. The Sensory Trail provides stimulation stations including large wooden animals, colorful flowers, and painted steps.

Briana is a 2012 graduate of Robert E. Lee High School.

Caroline Pajda

Renovation of JPIIHS Grounds
Girl Scout Troop 503: Caroline renovated the John Paul II High School senior courtyard into a place where the community can relieve stress, pray, and meditate.

Caroline is a 2012 graduate of John Paul II High School.

Emily Pellerin

Refurbishing a Ram Barn
Girl Scout Troop 658: Emily used her leadership and building skills to restore a barn at Heritage Farmstead Museum. The rams now have a safe place to live and the community can now visit the up-dated barn.

Emily is a 2012 graduate of Plano West Senior High School.

Harley Poole

Share the Warmth
Girl Scout Troop 225: Harley made and collected blankets for the residents of Pinewood Hills, an independent senior living community. She also hosted craft activities for the residents.

Harley will graduate from Lewisville High School in 2013.

Colleen Pritchett

Made with Love
Girl Scout Troop 369: Colleen collected and donated baby blankets to The Little Lambs Interfaith Ministry, an organization dedicated to meeting the needs of babies born in prison. Colleen’s donation was the largest donation the ministry has received at one time.

Colleen will graduate from Bishop Lynch High School in 2014.

Ricky Rajani

Stand Up for a Cause
Girl Scout Troop 1089: Ricky created informational kits that guide families on how to become volunteers for charitable non- profits and social causes. Ricky hopes the kits will encourage families to work together to help their community.

Ricky will graduate from Plano West Senior High School in 2014.

Angie Reisch

CSC Art Classes and Mural
Girl Scout Troop 1834: Angie hosted art classes at the Cancer Support Community and created a mural in the kid’s center. She hopes that the mural will brighten the lives of the families dealing with cancer.

Angie will graduate from Ursuline Academy of Dallas in 2014.

Rachel Rogers

Helping Hearts
Girl Scout Troop 1089: Rachel developed an after-school program for underprivileged children in the Dallas Independent School District. She partnered with Mission Possible Kids, a non-profit organization that enlists kids to volunteer in their community, to execute the program.

Rachel will graduate from Plano West Senior High School in 2014

Ana Marie Alicia Romanach

Bundles of Warmth
Girl Scout Troop 2635: Ana provided warm accessories for the refugee children at St. Patrick Catholic Church. A bundle consisting of a hat, handmade scarf, gloves, and a handwritten note went to all the children ages 0-18 years old.

Ana will graduate from Bishop Lynch High School in 2013.

Isabella Ruekberg

Stop Bullying Together
Girl Scout Troop 3226: Isabella produced a video that urges teenagers, teachers, and parents to work together to stop bullying. Her video included interviews from victims, bullies, and bystanders discussing the effects of bullying and what could finally put an end to it.

Isabella will graduate from Richardson High School in 2013.

Kelsey Schmitt

What Dreams Are Made Of
Girl Scout Troop 1677: Kelsey partnered with Dream Angels, Inc., an organization that empowers girls through creative expression, to teach underprivileged girls about art and poetry.

Kelsey will graduate from The Episcopal School of Dallas in 2014.

Jessica Scurlock

A Room for a New Beginning
Girl Scout Troop 2297: Jessica’s project involved creating a safe and fun space for the children of Hope’s Door, a domestic violence shelter and counseling center. By building and installing a collapsible door, the children now have an enjoyable room to play in.

Jessica will graduate from Plano Senior High in 2013.

Micah Secor

The House on the Left
Girl Scout Troop 369: Micah addressed the many needs of the Meals on Wheels program of Pecos. She helped the community by creating a website, painting house numbers on curbs of some of the meal recipients, collected cases of bottled water, and delivered more than 100 gifts bags.

Micah will graduate from Plano West Senior High School in 2014.

Shannon Shiffer

Hygiene Helpers
Girl Scout Troop 337: Shannon addressed the need for hygiene supplies and health information at Brother Bill’s Helping Hand, a foundation that aids the West Dallas population. Her informational brochures and supplies targeted new mothers and adolescents.

Shannon will graduate from Highland Park High School in 2015.

Abigail Shipman

Raise Awareness of Teenage Texting and Driving
Girl Scout Juliette: Abigail’s project focused on the dangers of texting and driving, especially among teenage drivers. She developed brochures and a presentation that she shared with fellow students and freshman health classes at her school.

Abigail is a 2012 graduate of Rains High School.

Anjana Slvakumar

From Distress to Success – Building Strength in the Modern Teen
Girl Scout Troop 23: Anjana organized a series of self-defense clinics for teenage girls. The clinics included live demonstrations and hands-on practice to teach the girls the right techniques to use in dangerous situations.

Anjana is a 2012 graduate of Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science.

Elizabeth Anne Slovak

Organize Smart for Art
Girl Scout Troop 1527: Elizabeth worked with the Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs to establish an online database of information on Dallas’ Public Art. Elizabeth collected photos of the public art, descriptions of the art and artists’ contact and biographical information.

Elizabeth will graduate from Bishop Lynch High School in 2013.

Emily Sparks

The Giving Tree
Girl Scout Troop 26: Emily planted trees at Bridlewood Elementary School. The trees will provide shade so students may utilize the outdoors to study and also improve the visual appeal of the school.

Emily will graduate from Marcus High School in 2013.

Tracy Stephens

Finding Out Personal Histories
Girl Scout Troop 480: Tracy interviewed residents at Atria Carrollton, a retirement facility, to gather biographies and pictures for a community book. She shared the stories with younger Girl Scouts, the Famers Branch Recreation Center Teen Camp, and with the residents at Atria Carrollton.

Tracy is a 2012 graduate of Newman Smith High School.

Callie Ann Stone

Reach for the Stars Art Camp
Girl Scout Troop 578: Callie organized an art camp for the children at The Family Place, an agency that helps families hurt by domestic violence. The children participated in fun activities, as well as enjoyed arts and crafts.

Callie will graduate from Ursuline Academy of Dallas in 2014.

Regan Irene Sullivan

Schumacher Autism Project
Girl Scout Troop 1834: Regan’s project was aimed towards helping change the way people see autism, one child at a time. She created the “Love, Andrew” website and video in hopes of promoting acceptance and support for children with autism.

Regan will graduate from Coppell High School in 2014.

Annie Tadvick

Extracurricular Fair
Girl Scout Troop 3005: Annie traveled to Costa Rica with a few volunteers to facilitate extracurricular activities for students. Annie provided groups of Costa Rican students with the opportunity to participate in math games, English, and arts and crafts.

Annie is a 2012 graduate of Lovejoy High School

Carly Thompson

Relay for Life
Girl Scout Troop 2270: Carly joined forces with the American Cancer Society to provide team activities for their annual Relay for Life event. The activities were geared towards the 18-and-under individuals who were not participating in the relay.

Carly will graduate from J.J Pearce High School in 2013.

Lauren Truitt

The Sensation of Education
Girl Scout Troop 1665: Lauren and her volunteers made learning fun for the kids at Interfaith Housing Coalition, an organization that helps families transition to self-sufficiency. They led one-on-one tutoring sessions to get the teenagers back to their respective grade-level.

Lauren will graduate from Greenhill School in 2013.

Rachel Tucker

Music Benefiting Music
Girl Scout Troop 2382: Rachel focused on funding musical extracurricular activities in schools. She hosted a charity benefit concert and donated the funds raised to the Zion Lutheran Elementary and Middle Schools to refurbish their handbell sets.

Rachel will graduate from the School for the Talented and Gifted in 2013.

Meena Vegesna

The Best for Equest
Girl Scout Troop 37: Meena renovated the sensory trail at Equest Therapeutic Horsemanship Center. This project will benefit the mentally and physically disabled students that receive lessons at the center.

Meena will graduate from Plano East Senior High in 2013.

Sarah Velten

Sewing for Love
Girl Scout Troop 1053: Sarah created a sewing classroom that serves the children at the Little House of Refuge Orphanage in Xela, Guatemala. She sent sewing machines, patterns, tools, fabric, thread, and much more to help instill in the students a great skillset they could use in the future.

Sarah will graduate from Bishop Lynch High School in 2014.

Alexandra Marion Villareal

Help in Healing
Girl Scout Troop 578: Alexandra worked with the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center to develop therapy information packets and toiletry bags for their clients. More than 200 clients received a bag, which included a journal, pen, and personal hygiene products.

Alexandra will graduate from The Hockaday School in 2014.

Aime Wall

C.H.E.F. Fair
Girl Scout Troop 2688: Aime hosted an event that addressed childhood obesity and educated the community about healthy food and exercise. The children were able to try yoga and took home fliers about healthy living.

Aime is a 2012 graduate of Ennis High School.

Britta Ward

Survival Weekend
Girl Scout Juliette: Britta set out on a camping trip with 10 teenagers to teach them the importance of the outdoors and educate them on how to properly treat the environment.

Britta will graduate from J.J. Pearce in 2014.

Claire Wheeler

Holiday First Night Home Kits
Girl Scout Troop 337: Claire educated the public about domestic animal abuse and abandonment. She encouraged her community to adopt animals and provided take home kits that included blankets.

Claire will graduate from Highland Park High School in 2015.

Eryn Wilson

Serenity Garden
Girl Scout Troop 153: Eryn created a peaceful and colorful garden for the residents of Garden Estates of Tyler, a senior lifestyle community. The residents were involved in the planning process and also had the opportunity to paint birdhouses and stepping stones for the garden.

Eryn will graduate from Robert E. Lee High School in 2013.

Inna Wines

Extreme Room Makeover
Girl Scout Troop 1053: Inna traveled to Guatemala to work at the Little House of Refuge Orphanage. Inna redecorated one of the boys’ rooms to improve their living environment and bring joy into their lives.

Inna will graduate from Bishop Lynch High School in 2014.

Kendall Wolkenstein

Youth Against Hunger Program
Girl Scout Troop 2770: Kendall helped the North Texas Food Bank develop the program “Youth Against Hunger”. The program provides youths the opportunity to get involved in the fight against hunger through a junior advisory board, events, and educational presentations.

Kendall will graduate from J.J Pearce High School in 2013.

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