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GSNETX Adult Volunteer Retreat 2013

About Camp Bette Perot

Located southeast of Dallas, between Athens and Palestine, Texas.

Camp Bette Perot has 5 units. The three Horseshoe units, Arch, Bend and Hollow, as well as the Bette's Treehouse Unit have unit shelters, cabins and bathhouses. One unit has a unit shelter, platform tents and a bathhouse. In addition there are three lodges, Palomino, Mustang and Laird West, a large dining hall, and an outdoor stage.

Besides camping, there is a large pool, Archery Range, sports/games area and of course hiking trails.

Camp Bette Perot is widely known as the home of the Equestrian Center and the Tejas Riders. The award winning Tejas Riders provide countless hours of service to the GSNETX equestrian program. The Tejas Riders Drill Team has received numerous trophies and honors in state and national competitions.

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