Gold Award Guidelines

Girl Scout Gold Award Project

The Girl Scout Gold Award Project is something that a Girl Scout can be passionate about-in thought, deed, and action. The project is something that fulfills a need within a Girl Scout’s community (whether local or global), creates change, and hopefully, is sustainable. If it is an event, the event should be something that people will want to continue the next year; if it is a service, it should be something that creates change or action with long-term possibilities, empowering others besides just the girl; if it is something tangible, it should come with a plan for use and maintenance within the community. The project is more than a good service project-it encompasses organizational, leadership, and networking skills.

Prerequisites for the Girl Scout Gold Award

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest and most prestigious award that Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors can earn. Before a girl can submit her GS Gold Award proposal, she must first fulfill the prerequisites. The prerequisites consist of:

  1. Complete two Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador GS Journeys*
  2. Earn the GS Silver Award and complete one Senior or Ambassador GS Journey*

    After this Journey requirement is completed, girls may start the 7 GS Gold Award Steps which should take a minimum of 80 hours. As you can see, badges and career explorations are no longer a prerequisite for the Gold Award, but girls are still encouraged to complete them because they can help girls prepare for their project.

    During the Gold Award process, each girl is asked to do her best to uphold the Standards of Excellence. These Standards of Excellence encourage girls to think deeply, explore opportunities, and challenge themselves. They also help girls develop as leaders, achieve the Girl Scout Leadership Outcomes, and make a mark on their community that creates a lasting impact on the lives of themselves and others.

    To view the seven GS Gold Award Steps and the standards of excellence that should be upheld in each step, click here.

    Once the girl’s prerequisites are complete, she can submit a Girl Scout Gold Award Project Proposal to council. The Girl Scout Gold Award Committee meets year round on the first Thursday of every month to review Girl Scout Gold Award project applications. In determining whether a proposed project is an appropriate GS Gold Award project, the committee uses the following criteria.

    To avoid unnecessary problems or delay, click here for further guidelines and tips.

    Girl Scout Gold Award Application Process

    After completing all prerequisites and reading through the project proposal criteria, download the following three documents to get started. All of these forms must be submitted for your Gold Award Project Proposal to be complete.
    Please be sure to use ONLY GSNETX forms found on our council's website.

    To view a timeline for submitting applications and help with the application process click here.

    GSNETX connects each girl with a Girl Scout Gold Award Liaison, an adult volunteer member of the GSNETX Girl Scout Gold Award Committee who communicates personally with the girl, helps her make her project a success, and answers any questions that she might have. Girls are expected to communicate with the committee and their Liaison directly; parent involvement in the communication process should be minimal.

    For FAQ’s, inspiration, and further information, click here to visit GSUSA’s Girl Scout Gold Award page. NOTE: Just a reminder that GSUSA does have an applicaion on their site but we do ask that you use the GSNETX application to expedite your approval.

    Forms and Templates:

    Forms to be used before starting the GS Gold Award project:

    If using a Mac, see instructions to the right for tips on filling out the forms.

    Forms to be used during the GS Gold Award project:
    Forms to be used after completing your GS Gold Award project:


    If you have further questions about the Girl Scout Gold Award, please e-mail us at or call 972.349.2436 or click here to visit GSUSA's FAQ.

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