Guide to Forms

A sample year’s worth of planning for a fictional troop has been laid out. Follow Jane Leader and her troop, month by month as they establish a brand new troop. Download this PDF file and read Jane Leader’s meeting plan, training and activity plans, as well as her notes to self.

All of the forms needed by the troop are filled out – at least once – right behind the first calendar page of the first month in which they are used.

These 3 questions are always answered:
  • Where do I get it from?
  • Why do I use it?
  • Who do I give it to and when?

All information from both the monthly calendar pages and the forms have been cross referenced with where to find even more information on that topic.

How can I get the most out of this guide?
  • This guide is meant to be experiential. Following Jane Leader’s notes helps put the use of the form into context.
  • Downloading the PDF onto your desktop allows you to expand the image and zoom in to look at the individual forms themselves in closer detail.
  • The guide is a reference map to the resources that contain the governing policies that drive the use of the form. Three types of learning: experiential, visual and self directed!


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