Tips for Girl and Adult Recruitment


Non-Traditional volunteers can be a valuable asset in working with individually registered Girl Scouts because of their wide variety of skills and interests.  But where do these volunteers come from, and what is required of them?
  • Depending on the audience you are trying to reach, recruitment efforts for short-term or non-troop volunteers should be different from that of a long-term  volunteers.  For a diverse pool of volunteers with a range of skills and interests, recruitment can be through corporations, professional publication and organizations, special interest groups and clubs, and academic institutions.
  • Keep in mind that more people are looking for short-term or targeted volunteer opportunities. 
    • Short-term volunteers do not need the extensive training that full-time volunteers receive. 
    • Short-term volunteers should be trained on Girl Scout Safety-Wise and practices and on ways of working with Girl Scouts on their specific activity topic.
  •  Like all volunteers, they should undergo the application and screening process.  This is especially important if they are meeting directly with girls.


RETENTION - Ensure girls of disbanded Girl Scout Troops are contacted and offered the opportunity to join another GS Troop.  These girls should receive first preference for placement in another GS Troop or can also register as Juliettes.  The girl and her parent should be invited to attend Service Unit events until GS Troop placement is possible.
  • Don’t forget to involve returning Girl Scouts in the recruitment of other young girls.
  • Develop recruitment plans for schools with low Girl Scout participation.
  • Search for charter, parochial/religious, and private schools which may not be a part of the original Girl Scout Service Unit plan to obtain additional girl membership.
  • Plan events designed to recruit new girls, such as Tebby Bear Teas, Mother & Daughter Socials, Skating Parties, Interactive Movie Days, etc.
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