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Important Information About Training

Why Take Training?

Leadership training goes beyond building skills and sharing information, as important as that may be. Training builds a leader's self confidence. Confident Leaders—who know how to use their resources—naturally feel pride knowing how they play an important role in the development of girls. Training is also fun! In addition, Girl Scout training:
  • Ensures safe and successful delivery of the Girl Scout program.
  • Supports the Girl Scout Mission and initiatives.
  • Reflects current trends, needs, and interests of today’s volunteers.

Course Formats

In order to meet a variety of needs in terms of schedule and preferred learning method, classes are available in several formats: on-line, in-person, and/or home study.

On-line: Classes taken on-line give participants the chance to take courses when and where they need them. Find these courses using the Search for a Course page.

In-person: In-person classes are taught in structured classes. This gives participants the opportunity to work collaboratively, participate in group activities, and connect with others involved in Girl Scout volunteerism. Find these courses using the Search for a Course page.

Home Study: Any class listed as available in home study format may be obtained by selecting the ‘home study’ format on your registration form. Electronic files will be sent to you by email. You must complete the Learning Assessment or Learning Log and return to GSNETX within 30 days of receipt. Find these courses using the Search for a Course page.


How Do I Find and Register for a Class?

We strive to make registration as easy as possible. You may search for a course in the Adult Education pages of the GSNETX website and register online. Here’s how:

  1. On the GSNETX website navigation menu go to Member & Volunteer Resources.
  2. On the sub-menu hover over Adult Education until the 3rd level menu appears. Select Search for a Course
  3. Click on the course name hotlink to open up an E-Biz window and add the course to your shopping cart on E-biz.
  4. You may instead download a paper form and mail, fax, or email it in with the course/date information.



Registration is requested no later than 3 days in advance of a class to ensure that we are adequately prepared for your arrival. Please refrain from "dropping in". Without adequate registrations, the course may be cancelled. If the course is cancelled or rescheduled, only registered students will be notified.

We strive to make registration as easy as possible. First, you must find a course and register online through E-Biz, or send in a paper registration form. The paper form can be sent to us using any of the following methods:

Mail E-mail Fax
Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas
Attn: Training Registrar
6001 Summerside Dr.
Dallas, TX 75252 972.349.2498

Once your registration is received, you will receive confirmation of enrollment along with any other information you need to know about the course.



If you are unable to attend a class for any reason, please notify us in advance. To cancel your registration, please call GSNETX's Training Registrar at 972-349-2400 or 1-800-442-2260. Some courses have course fees; if the class from which you are withdrawing has a fee, a $5 cancellation fee will be assessed. Cancelations must be made seven (7) days prior to the beginning session date to receive a refund.

If a learning session is cancelled by Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, we will notify you as soon as possible using the contact information you provided on your registration form. An alternate date may be offered or the total fee will be refunded.


Babysitting is not provided at training sessions; please make arrangements for child care while you are attending
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