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Training BY Volunteers FOR Volunteers
6 Reasons You Should Become a Volunteer Trainer.
There are many rewards that come with taking the risk to teach & lead others. Here are 6 reasons becoming a GSNETX Training Instructor is a great thing to do.
  • You Care
    You are passionate about Girl Scouts and believe that the GS Leader has enormous potential to influence girls toward long term success. The potential to make a difference is exciting to you.
  • You Believe You Can Do It Better
    You pick things up quickly. You know you do a good job. You see yourself up there thinking that there is no reason that you couldn’t lead this class too.
  • Training Classes Rarely Come Out to Where You Live
    We cover as much territory as we can, but the reality is that training is delivered by volunteers. Volunteer Trainers who freely give their time and absorb the cost of travel are sometimes reluctant to drive long distances to hold classes for small numbers. The solution is to develop trainers locally. You can help yourself and everyone who lives around you by becoming a Trainer and bringing the classes closer to home.
  • Teaching a Subject Helps You Learn a Subject
    You will never learn a topic better than when you start teaching it. The student questions will push you to dig deeper and learn more.
  • It's Fun
    If you have a positive attitude and a sense of humor, you will find things to laugh about when you train. Sometimes it will be silly jokes you will make up as you teach that might get a laugh from your students. Sometimes students will come out with the funniest statements without realizing what they've said. Find the fun and enjoy it!
  • You Will Make New Friends
    The GSNETX training team is a fabulous group of volunteers to work and play with. We stay connected and have Trainers’ Retreats twice a year.
  • If you are willing and able to commit to a progressive learning plan and teach a minimum of 4 courses per year, please submit a Council Facilitator Application for pre-screening prior to enrollment. Visit eBiz to find a Facilitating Adult Education offering. Courses are added periodically, so if you don’t see one today, please check back. Contact the Adult Education Manager with any questions.

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