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New Troop Leader Training Track

New Troop Leaders are required to take three classes. Course 101 is online. Course 102 is in person. Both of these must be taken before meeting with the girls for the first time. Course 103 is online again and should be taken before the 4th troop meeting with the girls.
Course 101: Girl Scouting 101 - take before 1st meeting with girls
  • Easy-to-use Girl Scouting 101 introduces new volunteers to Girl Scouts’ inspiring national Leadership experience, from Journey resources and The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting to cookie sales, safety guidelines, and much more. Spend about 45–50 minutes learning online—whenever you can fit it into your day.
  • Prerequisites: None. Required of all Girl Scout volunteers. Available only as an online course.
Course 102: Troop Leadership Basics - take before 1st meeting with girls
  • Provides Troop Leaders and Assistant Leaders with basic information about how to get started with their troop. Includes identifying resources, planning to meet with girls & parents, paperwork, & enlisting support.
  • Prerequisites: Red Line Course 101. GS Troop Leaders must take this course prior to meeting with girls for the first time. Approximately 2.5 hours in length. Available on the Training Calendar or at the local SU level from the Troop Leadership Basics Coach.
Course 103: Girl Scouts on the Go - must take before 4th meeting with girls
  • Introduces the concepts of girl readiness and progression as it relates to group outings and overnights. Provides a review of GSUSA and GSNETX safety policies and procedures for adult-girl ratios, Low Risk Activity Approval forms, transportation, etc.
  • Prerequisites: Red Line Courses 101, 102. This course should be taken before short duration travel or overnight trips and is a prerequisite for Green Line Course 103 Basic Troop Camping Certification. Approximately 1 hr in length. Available online.

For more information, to find a course, and to register please see the Adult Education pages.

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