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Best Practices for Handling Health History Forms

The purpose of the Adult and Girl Health history form is to safeguard the health of the individual by documenting allergies or activities that members should not participate in, and authorize first aid and emergency transport to a healthcare facility, if necessary.
All medical information should be treated as private & confidential and never discussed or shared with anyone.
  • The Girl Health History Form is required.
  • The Adult Health History is optional, but recommended if the adult will be traveling with the troop.
Troop Leader Best Practices:
Read and review with each parent and adult in a private way.

Keep these records secure, but accessible if needed, during regular meeting times.

If traveling with the troop, make one copy of each form. Place the copy into a sealed envelope marked with the girl's name - to be opened only in case of emergency. Separate the envelopes by the car in which the girl is riding. The envelope goes - sealed - into the glove box. It may be wise to group all girls who have peanut allergies, for example, into the same vehicle in case the girls eat snacks while riding. Keep one complete set of forms, also sealed, in a large envelope in the Troop Leader's automobile. The Troop Leader should retrieve all envelopes upon return from the trip.

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