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Why We Do, What We do…

Girls today are faced with more challenges than ever before, are less equipped to handle them, and have fewer support systems in place to provide assistance. Resources are lacking for girls who need life skills and guidance to overcome their circumstances. Girl Scouts strives to reach every girl, everywhere, and believes that knowledge is power. By providing a program that offers valuable knowledge that girls do not receive anywhere else, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas has the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the lives of the girls who participate. In addition to these barriers, girls in less-fortunate communities desperately need Girl Scouting as indicated by the following statistics:


  • 97% of people on welfare are women and children (The Feminization of Poverty, 2007). If we don’t empower our girls to make good choices and be successful in life, the cycle of poverty will continue.
  • 7 out of 10 girls feel badly about themselves (Dove Self-Esteem Study, 2009). We address this issue by building self-esteem through group leaders who constantly affirm girls and opportunities to build confidence by accomplish goals.
  • Poverty has a particularly adverse effect on the academic outcomes of children, and children living in poverty are at a greater risk of behavioral and emotional problems. (Effects on Poverty, Hunger, & Homelessness on Children & Youth, American Psychological Association, 2009) Our programs help to minimize or reverse these effects by providing positive role models to build self-esteem and help girls set goals for a bright future. Long after we leave, girls benefit from the positive peer group that is established though our programs and provide continuous emotional support to the girls.
  • Hispanics have the lowest High School completion rate in Dallas County. (The Pew Hispanic Center Report, 2008) The ability to effectively communicate in English is directly related to the potential to graduate. Las Mariposas de Girl Scouts is an educational support program designed to develop English reading, writing, and verbal communication skills. 68% of teachers stated that Mariposas is responsible for an improvement in their student’s grades.
  • 67% of junior high school girls stated that Girl Scouting in the School Day was responsible for an improvement in self-esteem.(2010 GSNETX Community Programs Study) This equates to 2213 girls who have positive views of themselves and able to make better decisions due to a higher sense of self.
  • Teachers believe that 40% of students would not have the opportunity to set goals outside of the Girl Scouts Direct Program (2010 GSNETX Community Programs Study). This equates to 583 girls who wouldn’t have a sense of direction and purpose due to their inability to set and achieve goals.


Community programs play a very important role in the lives of girls who would not otherwise benefit from Girl Scouting and it works!

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