Girl Scouts’ STEM expertise comes from our historic programming and research. We are well positioned to be the voice for girls regarding STEM. Every year, Girl Scouts of the USA provides 2.4 million girls with hands-on experiences in STEM in a supportive, all-girl environment. Girl Scouts is the leading authority on girls’ growth and development. With over three million girl and adult members and nearly 100 years of service to girls, Girl Scouting continues to build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.
Girl Scouts has a long history of encouraging girls to participate in STEM. The first STEM badges—the electrician badge and the flyer badge—were introduced in 1913! The Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas invites you to join this important work shaping our future leaders. Our goal is to build and reinforce girls’ interest in STEM, to support their continued involvement as they reach critical decision-making points, and to achieve parity in these fields.
This site has been created to help you find fun and engaging activities for girls of all ages.
  • Earn It:
    We know girls love earning badges which is why we have many options for the various interests of girls. We also have the GSUSA Journeys, which feature many STEM activities. In addition, we have the STEM Seal of Approval, for girls to track the STEM they do in all their Girl Scout activities.
  • Do It:
    Hands on learning is the best way to build girls confidences in STEM. Whether it is through council run programs, programs in a page, or other GSUSA activities there are options for everyone.
  • Know It:
    The world of STEM is constantly changing. It is important to be aware of the latest research and information . Whether it is the Girl Scout Research Institute report (released February 2012) or other great experts on STEM, be up to date on current trends and findings.
  • Support It:
    The innovative programs, badges, and opportunities could not be possible without the support of great companies, professionals, leaders, and parents. Find out who has helped us reach where we are today and who is helping us develop the future STEM leaders of tomorrow.
For questions about how you can be more involved in the GSNETX STEM work, contact or 972.349.2411.
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