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Whispering Cedars, in South Dallas, features a 60 acre wooded facility. The camp has a swimming pool, nature study sites, ham radio station, day use area with cookout facility, and a large central meeting/conference room that is available for special events. The camp is also home to the Archers of Northeast Texas who support monthly troop archery program.
Property Assessment:
  • Excellent Dallas proximity
  • Strong natural features and day use/program/training potential
  • Many cabin facilities are nearing the end of their optimal lives
  • Site needs to be substantially reorganized
  • Current utilization: 3,178 girls and adult members
Camp Whispering Cedars will be a Center of Excellence for science, technology, culture and food, with programming focused on science and math/food/hospitality management, media, progressive archery and animals. Based on the property assessment, the cabins will be completely revitalized.
Below is a proposed site plan with features of the revised property. The ultimate completion of the property vision is dependent on donor funding.

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