Camp Whispering Oaks

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Camp Whispering Oaks is a heavily wooded and hilly camp of approximately 30 acres in Aubrey, Texas. The camp is completely fenced in, with abundant plant and animal life and a tranquil pond.
Property Assessment:
  • Has strong natural features
  • Highway noise and access to property represent increasing quality and safety concern
  • Capacity limited due to available facilities and size of property
  • Troop house in poor condition
  • Current utilization: 318 girls and adult members
The 2011 fall season of Camp Whispering Oaks will be the last in operation. The GSNETX Program Department will begin working immediately on the details of the last season, including a celebration of the 50th Anniversary. We want to honor the contributions and impact that this camp has had on the lives of Girl Scouts and the dedicated volunteers who help bring our mission to life. We will preserve and protect those memories that can be moved, i.e., the time capsule, to the new camp.
It is anticipated that the property will be placed up for sale this summer; however, it will not affect the fall season or the celebration. This is a unique property and it could take time to find a buyer.
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