Camp K (Kadohadacho)

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Camp K is a waterfront property on Lake Texoma in Grayson County and has access to a bath house, fire circle, trails, and an amphitheater.
Property Assessment:
  • Latrine building in useable condition
  • Land undeveloped and underutilized
  • Strong waterfront potential and nature study site
  • Lake is more shallow and has less traffic near camp than Rocky Point
  • Explore location as primary waterfront camp
  • Potential capacity: 2,345
Camp K will be the Center of Excellence for naturalist and conservation programs. Camp K has the potential to become a premiere waterfront camp with progressive ecological and astronomy studies, kayaking and canoeing, nature and adventure camping.
Below is a proposed site plan with features of the revised property. The ultimate completion of the property vision is dependent on donor funding.

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