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Camp Rocky Point is 60 –acres and is located on Lake Texoma, eight miles outside of Denison, Texas.
Property Assessment:
  • Increasing safety issues with heavy weekend boating on lake due to Marina located across from camp
  • Major erosion control issues
  • Limited land use for other activities
  • Other than Pecos, unit houses and platform tents are at the end their optimal lives
  • Requires substantial capital investment, almost a total rebuild
  • Explore synergy with nearby Camp K as primary waterfront camp with possible phase out here over time
  • Current utilization: 1,891 girls and adult members
It is estimated that GSNETX would phase down Camp Rocky Point over the next 3-5 years, as Camp K is developed. The actual timeline will be determined once the money is raised to proceed with development.
Camp Rocky Point is a Corp of Engineers property. We will either need to find a suitable organization to transfer the lease to (with Corps approval) or, we will turn the property directly back to the Corps. We will begin discussions with the Corps later this month.
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