East Texas Regional Center

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East Texas Regional Center is located in Tyler/Smith County and has an outdoor facility, offices and shop.
Property Assessment:
  • Buildings in good condition, but inefficient
  • High traffic noise and highway access safety issues
  • Low quality of outdoor experience due to site limitations
  • Explore alternative Tyler sites that better meet needs before any repurposing
East Texas Regional Center has been an effective Service Center for our East Texas girls and volunteers. However, given the inefficiency of the facilities, the high traffic noise and highway access safety issues, the Board is concerned about the low quality of the girls' outdoor experience at this facility.
GSNETX will explore options to relocate or refurbish the East Texas Regional Center in Tyler, focusing on the needs of a Service Center, rather than on a location that can provide the Outdoor Leadership Experience, i.e. day camp at this location. The financial due diligence will be conducted this summer.
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