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When I became a Principal here, we didn’t have the Girl Scouting program…and I worked real hard to make it at Gabe Allen because I believed these life lessons (that Girl Scouts provide) were so valuable… These are life lessons that nobody else can teach our girls; how to work together with each other on different projects, how to feel good about themselves, how to take pride in their work and how to take pride in themselves. They know how to start and complete a project. They are committed to an organization that is good and they are committed to doing well in the community. The girls in the program look at things a little bit differently. You see them going down the hall and helping each other and you don’t hear the snide comments from the. They have a bond and a friendship that I couldn’t have given them. I couldn’t have forced it upon them, but it is through their growth in the (Girl Scout) organization and working together that they have become the girls that they are. I am very proud of them. Every time I see their pinning ceremony, I think back and this is a lesson that probably won’t come into fruition until they are teens. But if you instill that in them, you’re just making them better citizens of the world.

-Connie Hovseth-Principal, Gabe Allen Elementary


Thank you for providing an environment where my daughter could be open and honest. If it had not been for you all she may not have ever shared the sexual abuse and it could have continued.

-Mother of Sarah, a 5th grader (participant in GSD)

One of the wonderful things Girl Scouts has done for our young ladies is that in the last few years we used to average 6-7 pregnancies per year and this year we are down to 1 pregnancy. We believe this is due to the talks and information that Girl Scouting brings to our young ladies. We are really excited about that.

-Yolanda Celedon, Counselor, Edison Middle School Elementary

“They tell us we should get an education and graduate so we can have a career in the future. I want to be a doctor who cures cancer.”

-Evelyn, a 4th grader (participant in Mariposas)

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