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HPC Scouting our Past

Every Girl Scout carries memories of the activities she grew up with. The Scouting Our Past Activity Patch will help girls uncover the fascinating stories of women who were Girl Scouts in the 1920s through the 1970s.
To earn the Scouting Our Past Activity Patch, girls should conduct a personal interview of a former Girl Scout age 55 or older. Sources may include relatives, friends, local women's clubs, churches, etc. The interview may be done individually or as a Girl Scout Troop. The number of questions depends on the girl's program grade level.
The Historic Preservation Committee compiles these stories into books kept in the JoAnn Fogg Library. If possible, the girls should also send photos of their interview.


How does the process work?
  1. Arrange for the girls to conduct their interview.
  2. Record the questions and answers on the online form or download an electronic form.
  3. Send the information collected to GSNETX Headquarters.
  4. Purchase the patches in your local GSNETX Store.
The electronic form and/or digital pictures may be emailed to, or printed and faxed/mailed to:
Historic Preservation Committee
JoAnn Fogg Service Center
6001 Summerside
Dallas, TX 75252
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