What is the Girl Scout Leadership Experience?

Girls in the Lead
The most important thing about girls discovering, connecting and taking action is that their actions will be "girl led." They will learn by doing in a cooperative learning environment.
Girl Scout Grade Levels
Girl Scout levels help ensure that girls are able to engage in age-appropriate activities and that they continue the progression that is so important in Girl Scouts.
  • Grades K-1: Girl Scout Daisy
  • Grades 2-3: Girl Scout Brownie
  • Grades 4-5: Girl Scout Junior
  • Grades 6-8: Girl Scout Cadette
  • Grades 9-10: Girl Scout Senior
  • Grades 11-12: Girl Scout Ambassador
Girl Scout Leadership Journeys
Girl Scouts encourages girls to “discover, connect and take action” through Leadership Journeys, in which girls will explore a theme through a sequence of fun and challenging experiences. In partnership with volunteers, girls are invited to customize their Journeys while remaining true to the overall objective: to grow girls’ leadership confidence and ability.
Additional Program Resources
As of fall 2011, there will be a total of 3 Leadership Journeys for girls of each level to choose from and a variety of skill building badges, service and leadership awards introduced in the new publication, the Girls Guide to Girl Scouting. This includes the Girl Scout Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards as well as a newly introduced “My Promise, My Faith” earned award for girls.
In a very real sense, the Girl Scout Leadership Experience is not new. Since 1912, Girl Scouts has been about leadership development. Juliette Gordon Low wanted to give members the opportunity to develop self-reliance and resourcefulness. The Girl Scout program introduces girls to a range of new experiences and allows them to build on those experiences to develop greater competencies and leadership skills. What is new is the spotlight that GSUSA wants to shine on what we do and the continued effort to promote a consistent core experience based on leadership development. GSUSA also wants to be able to define the outcomes of participating in the Girl Scout program so that both parents and the general public really understand how important Girl Scouts is to girls.
What will the focus of Girl Scout activities be?
The simplest way to describe it would be:
When girls discover they:
  • develop a strong sense of self
  • develop positive values
  • gain practical life skills
  • seek challenges in the real world
  • develop critical thinking
When girls connect they:
  • develop healthy relationships
  • promote cooperation and team building
  • can resolve conflicts
  • advance diversity in a multi-cultural world
  • feel connected to their communities, locally and globally
When girls take action they:
  • identify community needs feel empowered to make a difference in the world
  • are resourceful problem solvers
  • advocate for themselves and others, locally and globally
  • educate and inspire others to act
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