The GSLE and the Journeys

  • A nationally packaged journey is designed to make it easy for girls and the volunteers who guide them to engage in the Leadership Experience. By following the journey plan - girls and adults will be “doing the leadership experience” - even without having to deeply know all the concepts.
  • A journey puts themed activities, discussions, team building and reflections in a sequence that makes sense. The “sample sessions” in the adult guides are intended - not as a “set number of meetings” - but to provide momentum and a road map for a ‘whole adventure’ that has more impact then any one activity in the journeys. No matter how much time girls spend on a journey, the whole is always greater then any single part.
  • The journeys have been created to provide meaningful experiences centered on both the keys to leadership – Discover, Connect, Take Action - and the processes - girl led, learning by doing and cooperative learning.
  • Journeys will provide an important foundation for each age level in Girl Scouting for girls and volunteers. Just by following a journey, members will be engaging in the New Girl Scout Leadership Experience (and practicing some Girl Scout traditions!). When the journey ends, girls and their volunteers can apply what they have learned to everything else they do in Girl Scouting.

There are three Journeys for the girls to choose from:


Be a Friend First (BFF)

GSNETX is making the BFF 8-week session course available here. This kit is designed to be implemented in an 8-week series format in conjunction with the aMaze journey. This is supplemental to the aMaze journey and in no way replaces it.

GSNETX is working to partner with local schools and develop the volunteer infrastructure to implement the program on a widespread scale.

Download the BFF booklet

Additional information available at:

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