Second Journey Series: It's Your Planet - Love It

The second series of journey books issues a call for action to the environment, inviting Girl Scouts of every grade level to explore the natural wonders of the world, become stewards of our fragile planet, and investigate the science that keeps our Earth spinning. Teen Girl Scouts came up with the name for this series at the Summer 2009 Institute on Climate Change. Girls invite us to remember: Earth needs our hearts and our minds! Books in the second exciting series include:
Girl Scout Daisy: (Grades K-1)
Between Earth and Sky
Sunshine, fresh air, new places to see. When flower friends travel, they enjoy all of these. So come along for the trip. Meet new friends and old. You’ll taste, touch, and smell what fun travel can hold!
Girl Scout Brownie: (Grades 2-3)
WOW! Wonders of Water
Water does so much for you! Can you return the favor? On this Wonders of Water journey, you will love water, save water, and share water! That’s a really big WOW!
Girl Scout Junior: (Grades 4-5)
Energy puts the sparkle in fireworks, the giddy up in a pony, and the oomph in the everyday. So get moving! Energize, investigate, innovate. Get all the energy in your life flowing in the wisest ways.
Girl Scout Cadette: (Grades 6-8)
Take a deep breath. How do you feel? What do you see? Hear? Smell? Get set to focus all your senses on air. This is one airy journey and it’s full of flair!
Girl Scout Senior: (Grades 9-10)
Sow What?
So, what do you hope for from your food? Great taste? Pleasing smell? Good looks, too? As you dig into Sow What? and get down to the roots, you’ll crave a whole lot more. You’ll see how your food network can serve up what’s best for Earth—and best for you!
Girl Scout Ambassador: (Grades 11-12)
We all know what it is. Why is it so hard to achieve? Maybe it needs a brand-new equation—your equation. On this journey, doing the math + some very sage ways = real hope for inspiring justice—for all of Earth and her inhabitants.
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