Programs in a Page

Looking for fun, hands-on, interactive activities to do with your Girl Scout or Troop? The pages below are tools to help you add even more great activities as you complete each GS Journey. Each activity also completes a STEM module (Science, Technology, Engineering or Math) that can be used towards the STEM Seal of Approval or a STEM patch.
NOTE: We encourage girls to use these pages to count towards their STEM Seal of Approval patches. Point values are not included on each Program in a Page since the point values vary depending on how the program is completed (i.e. if girls do it as a troop/group, it would be worth more points since they would check Category V, #1 - Promotes cooperation and teambuilding through collaboration with others).
Each activity is listed to compliment the Journeys for the specific grade level. If a girl finds an activity for a different grade level or Journey - GREAT! These activities are not limited to a specific Journey or grade level so all girls at all levels are welcome to try any or all of these!


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