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First Aid/CPR FAQ

Important Questions to ask before booking a FIRST AID/CPR/AED provider:

  1. Are they currently a certified instructor from one of the organizations on our approved list of providers?
    1. Ask to see their authorized instructor provider card.
    2. Call the agency to verify they are an authorized provider for that organization.
  2. Will the course cover:
    1. Adult & Child CPR
    2. AED
    3. First Aid for adults and children
  3. What is the participant to instructor ratio?
    1. 15 or less to 1 instructor would be ideal, 20 to 1 would be max number
  4. How many participants to manikins?
    1. 3 to 1 ratio or less is recommended
  5. What is the length of the course?
    1. CPR for adult & child & AED should be about 3-4 hours
    2. First Aid should be about 11/2 hours.
  6. What does the certification card for students look like – can you see a sample?
    1. There are lots of CPR classes available on the internet. Unfortunately, many of these are an internet scam. In order to receive a valid CPR certification card, you need to be in a classroom with a certified instructor and practice on manikins.
    2. Certified Instructors are required by their sponsoring organization to pay for the course materials, purchase the Authorized Cards, and pay an Authorized Provider fee for each student taught.
    3. BEWARE of any “Authorized Provider” who is creating and distributing their own cards. Make sure the card looks like one of the cards on our Authorized Provider Card Chart.
    4. We have heard of many students paying $40- $60 for a CPR course which was advertised as “AHA compliant” or “Following AHA Guidelines” but they were not issued AHA cards at the completion of the class, resulting in them having to take a real CPR class all over again. Make sure that the card looks like one of the cards on our approved providers list.
  7. How much does the course cost?
    1. The cost of a CPR/AED/First Aid course can vary depending on the instructor, materials provided and location. $40 - $60 is an average cost.
  8. If GSNETX doesn’t take your certification, can I get my money back?
    1. Before you pay for and take a class check with the instructor or authorized provider concerning their refund policy.
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