Girl Scout Gold Award Recipient Makes a Difference

Ashton Gepfert has probably made a bigger impact than she knows. Gepfert, a Girl Scout Ambassador in pursuit of the Girl Scout Gold Award, created the program Defining Differences, now being implemented in schools and work places.

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Spring has Sprung!

We weathered one of the snowiest winters in the history of northeast Texas.   Now, we’re enjoying a beautiful spring, filled with greenery and gorgeous flowers (and for many of us, watery eyes and loads of sneezes). All of which means that summer is just around the corner – and with summer comes Girl Scout Camp!! Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas is proud to offer its resident camp at three amazing camps – Camp Bette Perot, Camp Rocky Point, and Camp Gambill. Each camp offers programs geared especially for that site, whether it’s horseback riding, animal care, arts & crafts, archery, ropes courses, sailing, kayaking, or swimming. And, for our younger first-time campers, we’re offering all things “Girly” in shorter sessions. Whatever your interests may be, resident camp provides girls an opportunity to discover their strong sense of self, connect with nature to enhance their appreciation of outdoors, and make friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

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