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The Volunteer-in-Training is part of the Teen Mentoring Awards. Girls who have completed the ninth grade (10th grade and above) need to do the following to earn their Volunteer-in-Training Award.
  1. Find a mentor volunteer who is currently the adult volunteer for a group of girls at the level with which you would like to work (Daisy, Brownie, Junior, or Cadette). This volunteer will help you through your training and internship, and you will help the volunteer with her group of girls for the three-to-sixth month period.
  2. Complete the council-designed leadership course training.
    • a. Part of your leadership course training will involve topics such as learning to work with children, understanding the characteristics of a good leader, and learning some tips for working with children and adults.
  3. 3. Create and implement a thoughtful program based on a Journey that lasts over four or more sessions. You might also help younger girls with a Take Action Project. Be responsible for designing, planning, and evaluating the activities. If you are passionate about a topic like art or technology, you could design the activities around the area you love or in which you have expertise.

For further information please contact Becki Rush at or 972-349-2427.

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