Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards

Girl Scouts’ highest honors recognize and celebrate a girl’s leadership, team-building skills, cooperative effort, and determination to improve her life, the lives of others, and her community.

The Girl Scout Gold Award®
The highest honor for a Girl Scout, the Gold Award focuses on the interests of girls in grades 9-12. It’s quite an achievement – representing approximately 80-hours or more individual leadership effort to execute a community service project that makes a sustainable and measurable impact and serves to educate and inspire others. Each girl chooses and thoroughly researches an issue she cares about, designs her action plan, builds community collaboration, and takes the lead in implementing the project. Gold Award distinction is recognized by a number of college-scholarship opportunities, and by an immediate rise one rank in the U.S. military branches.
The Girls Scout Silver Award
The Silver Award symbolizes the completion of a special project of interest accomplished by girls who are currently Girl Scouts Cadettes. Each girl may decide whether to lead a team or solo effort to better her community and the lives of others. Throughout the project, she will explore her community, pick a project, develop a plan, put her plan in motion, and share it with others.
The Girl Scout Bronze Award
The Bronze Award is the top honor for a Girl Scout Junior, grades 4-5. It signifies that she has gained the leadership and planning skills required to follow through with a team-based project that makes a positive difference in her community. A girl must build her team, select a project, make a plan, set it in motion, and spread the word to build community awareness.



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