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Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas has collaborated with schools and community-based organizations to extend the "Gift of Girl Scouting" to girls in underserved communities. In these communities traditional troops are difficult to develop due to the lack of volunteer support, transportation, and family financial resource. Using the Girl Scout Leadership Experience model, the "Gift of Girl Scouting" brings Girl Scouting to girls in schools through in - after- school community outreach and education programs funded by the council and our generous supporters. Our Gift of Girl Scouting programs include Girl Scouts Direct, Girl Scouting in the School Day, and Las Mariposas.

Girl Scouts Direct: Brings the benefits of Girl Scouting to 750 girls in over 30 schools. This program uses traditional Girl Scout curriculum which is adapted to address the unique needs and challenges of each community served. GSD is an after school program designed to help at risk girls find their personal paths into adulthood and prepare them to meet education obstacles and peer pressure head on. To learn more, contact: Eboni Chopp

Girl Scouting in the School Day: Is a twelve session course designed to promote a healthy self-image and much needed social skills for 1400 girls in the Dallas County middle schools. This program promotes healthy behaviors and positive social skills while addressing current issues and trends affecting girls during what is often the most confusing and critical period of childhood. In East Texas, we offer this program to 1500 girls in 3rd-8th grade through a similar six-session in school format. Additionally, girls in East Texas have an opportunity to participate in a Spring Day Camp experience. To learn more about the Dallas Area program, contact: Erin Klein or regarding the East Texas program contact: Rosia Harmon.

Las Mariposas: is a weekly afterschool program that serves 750 elementary-age girls through educational enrichment activities. This program promotes English-language skills, career development, and cultural appreciation. The purpose of this program is to eliminate the language barrier that threatens the academic success of girls in English as a Second Language and Limited English Proficiency classes by providing supplemental educational activities that help build girls of courage, confidence, and character. To learn more, contact: Carmen Carrillo

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