Written by:Jennifer Yepez
1/21/2010 2:48 PM 

Every year, millions of girls across the United States gain valuable knowledge while providing the community with a special treat—Girl Scout Cookies! This year is no exception!

The Girl Scout Cookie Program begins in Northeast Texas on January 8 and goes through the end of March. One delicious new Girl Scout Cookie joins the cast this year: Thank U Berry Munch - a delightful cookie with real premium cranberries and creamy, white fudge chips. Everyone’s favorite Girl Scout Cookies are still available: Do-Si-Dos, Samoas, Tagalongs, Trefoils, Dulce de Leche, Lemon Chalet Cremes, and the world-famous Thin Mints.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is an integral part of Girl Scouts’ Business and Economic Literacy initiative for girls in grades K through 12. What started out as a bake sale has turned into a sophisticated leadership program where girls learn valuable life & business skills: goal setting, public speaking, teamwork, brand awareness, responsibility, money & time management, financial literacy and grassroots entrepreneurship in its finest form.

The entire Girl Scout Troop sets a goal and follows a plan leading toward that goal. Girl Scout Troops use funds from the Girl Scout Cookie Program to fund service projects, exciting educational field trips, and other leadership activities. Whether girls are dreaming of becoming a doctor, teacher, businesswoman, president of the PTA, or superstar athlete, the Girl Scout Cookie Program gives them the self-esteem they need to reach for the stars.

Many successful women have credited their business skills to the Girl Scout Cookie Program, making it the premiere business and economic literacy program for girls in the United States. As one successful Dallas entrepreneur put it, "It's not about how many cookies are sold or which girl sells the most - It really is about learning to create a business plan, how to sell, and how to deliver on a promise."

The Girl Scout Cookie Program also promotes community service. Project Troop to Troop is a Girl Scout service initiative that encourages members of the community to buy packages of Girl Scout Cookies to donate to the U.S. Armed Forces.

Last year, Project Troop to Troop generated more than 127,000 packages of Girl Scout Cookies. Project Troop to Troop Cookies are transported to Fort Hood, the USO, the American Red Cross and ultimately service men and service women at home and abroad. Girl Scout Cookies will also reach local Veterans’ Organizations and wounded soldiers.

For more information on how you can support local Girl Scouts by purchasing a delicious box of Girl Scout Cookies please visit our cookie website at www.texascookietime.com.

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