Written by:Monica Gonzales
3/18/2013 12:29 PM 

Cookie Box Creations, sponsored in part by HKS, teams girls in Northeast Texas with women architects and engineers to turn empty Girl Scout cookie boxes into free-standing structures. The contest is designed for girls interested in architecture or engineering careers to develop critical thinking skills and promote cooperation and team-building.

After months of planning, eight teams hot-glued and taped thousands of empty cookie boxes together, all to the theme of “Out of the World”. The structures were on display at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Local community leaders judged the structures and the public was able to cast a vote for their favorite structure for the People’s Choice Award.

  • 1st place: Space Invaders Take Dallas
  • 2nd place: A Story in the Stars
  • 3rd place: Girl Scout’s Biggest Delivery System
  • People’s Choice Award: Space Invaders Take Dallas

First Time Participants
This year marked the first time Girl Scouting in the School Day Scouts participated in the contest.

Most teams worked for months on their project, but due to the structure of GSSD, school policy and timing, the GSSD girls only had about 2 ½ weeks to complete their structure. Despite feeling a little overwhelmed, the girls were very excited to participate, "It was hard to imagine what is was going to look like, but I like to build things so I wanted to try" said Girl Scout Giselle E.

The girls worked with architects from Omniplan to create "Together We Plan". The structure symbolizes the importance of coming together to make a difference, no matter how different or alike people are.


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