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2/16/2014 1:10 AM 

The Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas (GSNETX) proudly acknowledge Denton sixth-grader, Elise Clements, for her efforts as part of her Girl Scout Silver Award project to remember and celebrate the many contributions of Denton community leader, Beulah Harriss, a founding member of Denton Girl Scouts who also left her mark on the University of North Texas. As a result of Elise’s efforts, Denton Mayor Mark Burroughs will proclaim Feb. 27 as Miss Beulah Harriss Day, during the Feb. 18 city council meeting.

Elise will celebrate Miss Beulah Harriss Day with a reception at the Girl Scout Denton Service Center on Feb. 27 from 5 to 7 p.m. where she will display various photos, college records, news articles and a family genealogy of Beulah Harriss.

“My goal with this project is to preserve Miss Beualah Harriss Day and have a historical marker placed at UNT for Miss Harriss who was hired 100 years ago as the college’s first physical education teacher,” said Elise. “Miss Harriss is an inspiring Girl Scout and Denton citizen who made a great difference in this community.”

Miss Beulah Harriss came to Denton, Texas, in 1914 and founded the health, physical education and recreation department at North Texas State Normal College, now known as the University of North Texas (UNT). In 1925, she founded the UNT Green Jackets, a student organization that focuses on strong leadership skills both on and off campus, and was inducted into the UNT Hall of Fame on Oct. 10, 1987.

Additionally, Miss Harriss was one of 13 professors from UNT who started the Denton County Teachers Federal Credit Union (now known as DATCU) in 1936. On Feb. 27, 1976, the credit union held the first Miss Beulah Harris Day, in honor of the organization’s 40th anniversary.

“Elise demonstrates immense dedication in researching and highlighting the many contributions of Miss Beulah Harriss in the Denton community,” said Colleen Walker, chief executive officer for the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas. “Our Girl Scouts are strong role models in their communities, inspiring many other younger Girl Scouts who want to make a difference on the issues they most care about.”

The Girl Scout Silver Award is the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn. Girl Scout Cadettes are Girl Scouts who are in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades, typically ages 11-14. The Silver Award represents a Girl Scout’s accomplishments in Girl Scouting and her community as she grows and works to improve her life and the lives of others. Recipients of the Silver Award must demonstrate a high level of skill, leadership and community service including the completion of a Take Action volunteer project totaling at least 50 hours of service to the community.

For more information on the Girl Scout Silver Award, please visit: www.gsnetx.org/silverAward.

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