Written by:Monica Gonzales
9/16/2010 3:14 PM 

Haley Avery is truly an amazing person. Her peers will tell you she is a loyal friend and her teachers have always admired her fierce determination yet gentle nature.

Haley is a Girl Scout Ambassador, a senior at Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas, and is currently working on her Girl Scout Gold Award. Since 2007, she has spent over 1,500 hours of her time volunteering at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, earning her Girl Scout Community Service Bar through her volunteer work there.

Haley’s volunteer work at Parkland means a lot to her because of her history there. Just days before her fourteenth birthday, while Haley was working on her science project, it exploded, covering over half of her body in burns. She was so severely burned that she was not expected to live through the night. She survived and spent over three months at Parkland. During her stay, Haley kept a positive attitude, never complaining and always managing to stay courageous and strong.

It didn’t take long for Haley to make a name for herself at the hospital. Haley’s doctors called her a "little ray of sunshine". Her ability to motivate and encourage other burn patients was deemed phenomenal by Parkland staff. Word quickly spread throughout the hospital and soon other patients were requesting to have their therapy sessions scheduled at the same time as Haley’s.

Shortly after Haley left Parkland she was invited back to attend the hospital’s intensive Volunteer Training program. Parkland staff believed that Haley had the positive attitude that was needed to serve as a volunteer and that her sweet encouragement was invaluable to their patients’ care. Haley participated in the hospital training and started volunteering at the hospital every week.

A formerly quiet and shy young lady, Haley is now seventeen years old and has taken on a leadership role at the Parkland Hospital Burn Camp, helping many other victims deal with positive self esteem, public scrutiny, and developing a positive self image. She is also a camp counselor at Angel Faces, a burn camp in California and is the spokesperson for the Dallas/Ft. Worth Fire department as well as one in San Jose, California; speaking out on burn prevention.

Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas is honored to recognize Haley Avery as one of our Real Girl honorees at our Real Girls Real Women Dallas Awards Luncheon on October 12, 2010.

Money raised at Real Girls Real Women supports the leadership development of Girl Scouts like Haley. Please join us as we recognize Haley and other outstanding Girl Scouts and women in our community on October 12. For more information about the Real Girls Real Women Dallas Awards Luncheon, please click here.

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