Written by:Colleen Walker
11/4/2010 2:01 PM 

It’s fall, a time of year we associate with harvests, jumping into a pile of leaves, baking homemade pumpkin bread, or as a season of celebrations. In just a brief span of time, we celebrate holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, North American Indian festivals tied to the harvest, the Chinese Moon Festival, and many others. 
One of the holidays we at Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas celebrate is that of Juliette Gordon Low’s birthday – October 31st.   This year, our founder would have been 150 years old! I think of Juliette, or rather “Daisy,” daily and her vision for girls that included self-reliance, independence, and a willingness to do something every day for someone else. Daisy was a revolutionary and so was the “movement” she sought to form:   “something sweeping in culture, bringing change, and uniting the world in a sisterhood of girls and women.”
On March 12, 1912, Daisy called her cousin and said, “I’ve got something for the girls of Savannah, and all of America, and all the world, and we’re going to start it tonight!” From this initial call to action, Girls Scouts grew from an organization of 18 girls to one of over 2.4 million girls in the United States. Just as Daisy lived at the frontier of this rising tide of change in 1912, so are we embarking on one of the most exciting times ever to be a Girl Scout as we near the onset of our second century of Girl Scouting!
I would like to follow in Daisy’s footsteps by issuing our own “call to action” at GSNETX. A founding principle of this organization has always been the democratic process. This year, you can participate in that democratic process in one of two ways: as a Council Delegate or as a National Delegate.
Council Delegates are elected by each service unit based on the girl membership totals as of the end of the last membership year. Council Delegates, along with the Board of Directors and Board Development Committee, comprise our official “corporate membership body.” This group is responsible for attending the Annual Meeting (April 16, 2011) to hear the work of the board, to give feedback on pertinent matters of the council, and to elect the new Board of Directors, Board Development Committee, and, this year, the National Delegates and Alternates. In addition, we hope to be able to share with you a very special presentation – the findings of our Property Master Plan for all six camps and the East Texas Regional Center. Stay tuned!
The National Delegates will attend the National Council Session in Houston, Texas, to be held Nov. 10 – 13, 2011. This event is held every three years and helps determine the direction of the entire movement for the next few years. This convention promises to be even more exciting with the announcement of the new National CEO and a gala celebration to launch the 100th Anniversary. Characteristics of a National Delegate include: Strategic Thinking, Clear Communication, Knowledge of Girl Scouts, Decision-Making Skills, Adaptability/Flexibility, and Team-Building. 
If you’d like more information or if you’re interested in applying to be a National Delegate, please go to our website and complete an application by December 1, 2010
Help us to raise the voice of girls to claim the space around feminine leadership to shape the force it can be now and in the future. Participate in the democratic process of Girl Scouting. Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas is committed to helping girls find their personal paths into adulthood as well as equipping them with the necessary tools to meet obstacles and pressures head on. We believe in building tomorrow’s leaders one girl at a time.


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