Written by:Monica Gonzales
11/12/2010 7:45 PM 

As a child, Girl Scout Cadette Taylor Thompson had a hard time reading because of her dyslexia. With the help of parents, teachers and family who took the time to read aloud to Taylor, she developed a great love for reading. Now this Girl Scout wants to share her love of reading with less fortunate children.

For her Girl Scout Silver Award, 12 year old Taylor decided she wanted to develop a reading corner for the Family Gateway in Dallas where families could check out children’s books. Family Gateway provides housing and other services to families with children experiencing homelessness. Families with children are the fastest growing homeless group and the average age of homeless children is only 6. Taylor believes that building a reading corner at Family Gateway will help open a new window in a homeless child’s life.

Taylor’s project will run through March 2011. In order to collect more books, she will hold book drives at local bookstores. Once the reading corner is set up, she’ll talk to parents at Family Gateway about the importance of reading with their children. Her project will culminate in a “book carnival” where all of the Family Gateway children will play fun games and have the opportunity to win books of their own.

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