Written by:Monica Gonzales
1/25/2011 4:59 PM 

On January 7, tens of thousands of Northeast Texas Girl Scouts hit the streets, order cards in hand, and began taking orders for our famous Girl Scout Cookies. Girl Scout Brownie, Angelina Alvarado was one of those Girl Scouts. Angelina is a first grader at Lorenzo de Zavala Elementary School in Dallas and participates in Girl Scouts through the Mariposas program. Last year she was the top cookie seller in Mariposas, selling 500 packages, and is determined to break her record this year.

Mariposas, and other Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas Community Programs, bring the Gift of Girl Scouting to girls who may not have been able to experience Girl Scouting otherwise. Participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program helps to provide Angelina with the genuine Girl Scout experience. Through Mariposas, her English skills have greatly improved. She’ll also get to practice public speaking while she’s out selling cookies. Other skills that she’ll learn through participation in the Girl Scout Cookie Program are goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics. Once cookie season ends, Angelina and her troop plan to use their cookie money for a field trip to a university. Angelina loves being a Girl Scout and is so happy that she can participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

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