Written by:Monica Gonzales
3/17/2011 11:14 AM 

This February, members of Corinth Girl Scout troop 317 traveled to the State Capitol in Austin to lobby on behalf of HB 1451, a bill to regulate Texas puppy mills. As part of their Girl Scout Silver Award project, several of the Girl Scouts have been working to improve the living conditions of dogs and puppies housed in large commercial breeding operations throughout the state. The Girl Scouts were invited to the Capitol to participate in Humane Lobby Day, organized in part by the Humane Society of the United States.

During their visit the Girl Scouts got to meet with Representative Myra Crownover, Senator Jane Nelson, and even met with Governor Rick Perry as part of their Lobby Day effort. "Governor Perry spent a lot of time with us, and he really made us feel like we were making a difference by working for this bill," said Devin Bray, a Girl Scout Cadette. "He told us he was very proud of us for getting involved in the legislative process."

These Girl Scouts are also working to improve public awareness about the cruel conditions at puppy mills. They recently produced an informative YouTube video in hopes that it will compel other citizens to lobby their lawmakers on behalf of HB 1451. To date, their video has received over 2,900 views.

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