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4/20/2011 8:43 AM 

Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas Gold Award recipient Jamese Broadnax and her team will be recognized on Friday, April 22 by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Regional Administrator for outstanding achievement in environmental stewardship. The award-winning project will be on display at the Dallas Arts District Earth Day Fair, Friday, April 22 and Saturday, April 23.

“Not Dream Girl but GREEN Girl,” was a day-long conservation workshop created to offer hands-on tips and techniques for the community to help enact environmental change in day-to-day lives. Led by Broadnax, the team invited community members to participate in several stations from creating natural beauty products to building herb gardens out of recycled tin cans. Additionally, the troop hosted a speaker from Coca-Cola’s recycle team and recruited several area car dealerships to provide demonstrations on energy efficient cars.


The following is a copy of a letter from ther Regional Adminstrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

Dear Ms. Adams:

Congratulations to Miss Jamese Broadnax, Miss Deborah Nochoge, Miss Candace McNutt, Miss Kamilah Washington, Miss Cameron Wicks, and Mr. Jeremiah Adams for their project Not Dream Girls But GREEN Girl Conservation Workshop. Their project has been selected as a second place runner-up in Region 6 2010 President’s Environmental Youth Awards (PEYA) competition in our five-state area.

I applaud this team’s vision, efforts, determination and dedication to this project. They have shown great initiative and their work is an inspiration to us all to live “greener.” Their work on the Not Dream Girls but GREEN Girl Conservation Workshop has provided a heightened environmental awareness to all that attended the event. I hope o hear more about the project and about each of the team members’ plans for the future.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. King toll-free at (800)887-6063 or via e-mail at king.bonita@epa.gov. Again, congratulations to Not Dream Girls But GREEN Girl Conservation Workshop for being selected as a finalist in the PETA competition and for all that this team accomplished with their project.

Sincerely yours,
Al Armendariz
Regional Administrator

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