Written by:Monica Gonzales
6/7/2011 10:33 AM 

Carrie Cunningham and her Girl Scout troop had a great opportunity this May. They got to meet GSUSA’s CEO, Kathy Cloninger, at Texas A&M Commerce. Carrie and other Girl Scouts were selected based on essays they wrote about how Girl Scouts has prepared them to be leaders. At the event, Ms. Cloninger spoke about leadership and the opportunity for Girl Scouts to be strong leaders. Carrie was also the recipient of a $500 Texas A&M Commerce scholarship.

This opportunity was part of Troop 2083’s Journey weekend dedicated to Mission: Sisterhood.  As their Take Action project, the Girl Scouts set up a Facebook page called “You are Beautiful” to inspire girls to focus on inner beauty and self-worth. The girls also conducted video interviews to illustrate that beauty is subjective. The videos will be posted on their Facebook page. Carrie hopes that their “boldness in talking about true beauty will help others feel more confident about themselves”.

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