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Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas' volunteers, alumnae and troop members willcome together on Sat., Oct. 29 2011 to celebrate one of it’s beloved legacy camps, Camp Whispering Oaks. After 50 years of offering Girl Scouts outdoor leadership and camping opportunities, the camp will close its doors after the ceremony.

Girl Scouts will be able to “Leave a Legacy” by sharing favorite camp memories, signing a legacy book, and enjoying other activities such as guided trail tours and the retrieval of a time capsule.

"Camp Whispering Oaks has been a treasured site for girls and volunteers in the Denton area for half a century, providing them with fun memories and increased knowledge of the wonderful world of nature and outdoor leadership skills. Although Camp Whispering Oaks will always hold a cherished place in the hearts of many, we look forward to enhancing these opportunities as we develop an outdoor leadership center of excellence at nearby Camp K on Lake Texoma," said Colleen Walker, CEO of Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas.

A complete property master plan was conducted in 2011 which included surveys, town hall meetings, focus groups and feedback from the membership of Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas. After reviewing thorough evaluations of each camp property and recommendations from experts in property utilization, the council is moving forward with a plan to develop four Centers of Excellence that will enable us to provide girls with a 21st century Outdoor Leadership Experience.

For a complete list of planned activities and events for Camp Whispering Oaks "Leaving a Legacy" event, please visit www.gsnetx.org/100

About Camp Whispering Oaks:
Camp Whispering Oaks covers 40 acres and has been utilized for troop and primitive camping. Camp Whispering Oaks is located at 1729 W. Sherman Drive, Aubrey, Texas.

About Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas:
Girl Scouts is the premiere leadership organization and is the largest pipeline for female leadership. Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place. Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas serves nearly 35,000 girls and 17,000 adults in 32 northeast Texas counties. For information on how to join, volunteer, donate or reconnect to the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, call (800) 442-2260 or visit www.gsnetx.org or www.amazinggirl.org.

Whispering Oaks Quick Facts
  • Camp Whispering Oaks has served Girl Scouts for 50 years with thousands of girls spanning many generations exploring outdoor leadership at the camp.
  • Camp Whispering Oaks is located in Denton County and is a nearly 30-acre camping facility.
  • In 1917, Denton was the location of the first Girl Scout troop in Texas.
  • More than 4,600 girls and 2,600 adults are involved in Girl Scouts in the Denton community. Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas (GSNETX) owns a log cabin in Denton that once served as the local service center and now leases a large space at 2317 W. University Drive, Suite 167, Denton, Texas, that includes a shop, training room and staff offices.
  • In 2010, GSNETX conducted its first-ever council-wide property plan prior to entering its 100th anniversary year to determine its best use of resources in creating outdoor leadership centers of excellence.
  • In 2010, GSNETX had three outdoor learning facilities within one hour's driving distance from one another in the northwest quadrant of the council: Whispering Oaks, Camp K and Rocky Point.
  • After thoughtful analysis and input from volunteers and community members, the decision was made to make the most effective use of our resources and build an outdoor Center of Leadership Excellence at the largest property, 150-acre Camp K in Pottsboro. Camp Whispering Oaks would be closed and the lease on Camp Rocky Point will be returned to the Corps of Engineers.
  • GSNETX girls and volunteers have a fond place in their hearts for Camp Whispering Oaks, but the decision to close the camp was based on its declining infrastructure, small size and location in a rapidly growing residential area with increased road noise and access problems.
  • Proceeds from Whispering Oaks’ sale will go toward the Girl Scout Leadership experience in Denton and throughout the council.
  • GSNETX camp facilities currently serve more than 8,000 girls and that number is expected to grow with a renewed focus on outdoor leadership and our facilities.
  • Four sites have been recommended as having the highest potential to serve GSNETX’s growing population during the next 30 years. Camp Bette Perot, Camp Whispering Cedars, Camp Gambill and Camp K will be developed as the GSNETX four Centers of Excellence.
  • The Outdoor Leadership Experience is a Girl Scout brand promise. The Four Centers of Excellence will focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math; Culinary: Seed to Table; Equestrian; introductory camping; waterfront activities; and nature and the environment.

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